Friday Evening Walk

21.05.2019 - 09:35
The Spring Friday Evening Walk "Footprints in the City" will take place on May 24 in twelve places of Ventspils city - squares and streets. Step by step we will walk in the footsteps of history and traditions, enjoy musical footprints in concerts, dances and balls, we will leave our own mark in "art" pieces, look for ways to minimize the ecological footprint, but for the most part - we will enjoy meeting once again, as well as excitement of participation and the time spent together.
Friday Evening Walk
For several years already, twice a year - in spring and in the end of summer, Ventspils residents spend their Friday evening by taking a walk and visiting their favourite places in the city, meeting up, enjoying culture and participating in the evening events. This year's evening walk's team is "Footprints in the City".Each of our actions, decisions or even a thought leaves a mark. More and more, we have begun to talk about the impact of humanity on ecology, how to change our habits and raise awareness not only about global processes, but also of everyday activities - to reduce waste, to give things a second life, to consume as little as possible. Our traditions, a book that we read, a dance, a meeting, a hearty conversation, daring to start something new also leave marks in our lives. Our works and experience create our "footprints" - in our family, society and place of living. With the help of the programme and activities offered, we will encourage the city's residents to think about the work we do every day and what "footprints" we leave behind in urban environment, society.
Ecological footprint "I Am Here, Because You Are Here As Well" - one of the main events of the walk - will take place in Mill Square, which this time will be given to children and youth activities. Together with the popular graffiti artists Dainis Rudens and Ēriks Caune, every child will be able to participate in painting the city's waste containers, which will be ceremoniously handed over to Labiekārtošanas kombināts of Ventspils city at the end of the evening. In the future, everyone who participated in this workshop will see their "artistic footprints" in city events. Children and youth of all age groups will spend their time interestingly and excitingly without the Internet by playing games and participating in workshops, as well as taking part in competition "Recyclathon" of Zaļais punkts. We will find out how big is each of our ecological footprint.

You can follow the footprint of traditions "When the Grass Was Greener..." in Ventspils Old Town Market Square, where you can meet up by the longest conversation table and have fun dancing with ''Rīgas danču klubs'', band of musicians under the leadership of Ilga Reizniece and take part in open-air dance with band "Nakts nektārs". At the end of the night, music records of Latvian "pearls" from the 50s, 60s and 70s will be played by the legendary DJ Dambis - host of radio NABA programme ''Bitīt matos'', one of the most well-known DJs and frontman of underground music legend ''Inokentijs Mārpls''.Town Square will become the largest street cafe. The green lifestyle footprint "Green Living" will manifest itself in "street food" concept snacks and drinks. In an advanced public discussion, the head of the regional training centre of the library - Paula Anškena, blogger and representative of "Zero Waste" lifestyle - Laura Arnicāne and translator of "Zero Waste Home" (B. Johnson) - Baiba Petrenko will share their experience and invite the walk's participants to a conversation.We will follow the footsteps of history at the square across KINO RIO, Pils Street 25

There will be an amazing chance to enjoy documentaries filmed in Ventspils from a historic 35 mm film projector and watch films "The Republic of Varnu Street" and "Four White Shirts".In the Bus Station by the painted piano, a joint musical gathering "On the Way to the Concert Hall" will be held. Children will have the opportunity to draw their symbolic footprint on the asphalt. A special mood will be provided for pianists and little artists by cafe "Lata" and "Ventspils reiss" poetry bus.In Big Square, everyone is invited to footprints of the sound and "Party under the Stars".

Concert by Ventspils vocal-instrumental ensembles will begin the event. Aivis, the most popular DJ and programme host of LR2, will create "Environmental Orchestra" together with the walk's participants. The second part of the evening will offer a party for all tastes with performances by Ventspils Senior Big Band and Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis, Latvian selection participant of "Eurovision" song contest of multiple years and popular performer of musical accompaniment for TV shows, with band.It will be possible to enjoy cultural programme, activities and a wonderful Friday evening mood in other places as well - at workshops in the House of Crafts, in projections of photo club "Moments", on the terrace of Cali Cafe, in educational activities of the Youth House, in the market of Saules kvartāls, in musical offer by Zaļais namiņš, in the escape game of Kurzeme Demo Centre.

See you on the streets and in the parks of Ventspils! More detailed information about the Friday Evening Walk available at the homepage of Ventspils Culture Centre and on Facebook account @ventspilsKulturasCentrs.