“Night of Ancient Fire” on Staldzene Steep Coast

27.08.2019 - 10:50
The annual ”Night of Ancient Fire” will take place on Saturday, August 31, at 21:00 on Staldzene steep coast beach.
“Night of Ancient Fire” on Staldzene Steep Coast
The tradition of "Night of Ancient Fire" began during viking era, but bonfires on the seashore in modern Latvia have been lit since 2010. "Night of Ancient Fire" is celebrated on the last Saturday in August.

The purpose of this event is to show the unity of the seaside people and to remind us of our history and cultural heritage. It is a sign that we care for the sea and nature, and for thousands of years the connection with the sea has not been lost and we appreciate and are grateful for the values of nature.

Singer Juris Hiršs and song ensemble "Ventiņ" will participate in the event. Singer Juris Hiršs will perform songs beloved by the public, whereas song ensemble "Ventiņ" will perform popular songs and invite the listeners to sing along as well.

We will spend the "Night of Ancient Fire" on Staldzene steep coast in the light of live fire, sipping tea, enjoying music and being together. Fire show on the seashore is planned as this year's event climax.

As usual, municipal limited liability company "Ventspils Reiss" will arrange an additional bus ride to Staldzene steep coast beach. To provide access to this event for a larger audience, "Ventspils Reiss" has developed a special bus route.
 Timetable for the additional route:
20:10 Ābolu Street
20:10 Virves Street
20:11 Dīķu Street
20:11 Baldones Street
20:12 Car service
20:12 Pļavas Street
20:13 Inženieru Street
20:13 Hospital
20:14 Children's Town
20:14 Hotel "Dzintarjūra"
20:15 Olympic Centre
20:15 Shopping mall "Tobago"
20:16 Juice Terminal
20:16 Kurzemes Street
20:17 Siguldas Street
20:18 Embūtes Street
20:19 Pārventa Olympic Centre
20:19 Municipal limited liability company "ŪDEKA"
20:20 "Ventspils Nafta"

The bus from Staldzene steep coast will return at 22:30 along the same route. Image of the additional route can be found in the appendix.

Admission to the "Night of Ancient Fire" event is free.