Friday Evening Walk

27.08.2019 - 10:56
With diverse activities on August 30 at eleven spots in Ventspils – squares and streets, the summer Friday Evening Walk “In Another Light” will take place. This evening walk will focus on well-known and brand new places, things, routes, values. To rediscover, find out what is forgotten, see in another light, but above all enjoy the joy of meeting, the excitement of participating, and enjoy the time spent together.
Friday Evening Walk
Traditionally, twice a year, in spring and late summer, residents of Ventspils spend Friday evening walking through their favourite places in the city, meeting, enjoying culture and participating in the evening events. This time the walk's main theme is "In Another Light".

Light is able to highlight, transform and hide. Whether it is light from a small light bulb, night sky or a photo flash - light is tempting. The programme has a selection of concerts, workshops, artists, shows that can demonstrate how the mood of a place changes with sound, light and content. Content in an unusual performance can change the notion of the well-known, Rahmaninov can also be performed in jazz style, music can be made on a washboard, light can change the city.

During this walk in the Big Square you can enjoy music, the wide open space, harmony and the August sky, where at the new concert hall "Latvija" as part of the programme "Music in the Evening Light" classical and contemporary music in jazz style is offered by Rūta Dūduma (vocals) and accompanying group. A chance to look into the world music genre afterwards will be offered by rhythm association "Pulsa efekts", Latvian singer of Azerbaijani origin Leila Alijeva and flute player Ieva Rūtentāle.

In Jaunpilsēta Square we will be able to awaken the sound within us and observe the well-known environment around us in a very unusual mood, night lights and gong sounds! Visiting the light arches made by "Artistic" artists, arranged as an alley you can go through and enjoy the interplay of light and music, observe how, with the help of laser light, "Sun Boats" will acquire other shades and become an unusual light object for one evening.

Ventspils photo club "KAKTUSS" this evening will offer to meet at the fountain "Umbrella" made by Gleb Panteleev for a "Photo Swim" in order to capture moments in the open-air photo area in an extraordinary atmosphere, enjoying an unusually improvised swim and a moment in the magic of lights, looking at yourself through a dewy lens.

Right there in the "Newspaper Alley", just like in the ancient times, we will be able to see ourselves in "another light" and in a different character while looking in crooked mirrors. The specifically selected music and the Newspaper Alley's decorations will invite you to spend time watching the night city, yourself and the people next to you.

The Mill Square will become a world upside down for children of all age groups. A chance to see and explore, change one's view of life will be possible using special glasses provided by "Kurzeme Demo Centre". With "Aspired", you will be able to make miraculous things from everyday objects - harmonica, Glowing Monster made of plasticine that glows in the dark and self-propelled Tooth Brush. You will learn a lot about physics by participating in the technically creative workshop "Catapult". For no less creative fingers and minds, the Children's Library will offer a workshop to make toy actors for a puppet theatre from music discs and household items. The youngest participants, from the age of six months, will have the opportunity to try and learn in an interesting and developing music lesson with Rebeka Busule or spend time on the playground. Whereas until 23:00, "Orbitron" attraction will delight anyone who dreams or has dreamed of flying in space.

Children will enjoy "Being an Adult" for a moment on Ganību Street, where they will be able to ride a cycling cart down the central street of the city just like dad or mom. On Ganību Street from Platā Street to Jūras Street, a cycling cart track will be created just as in real life - with pedestrian crossings, stopping at STOP signs, following traffic rules.

The Town Square will sound unusual and have unusual lights. Video projections on buildings and trees will change the mood of the square. We will enjoy how much the sound and style of music can influence the feeling of the environment around us. We will come out on a Friday evening with Stefano Barone, music composer, guitarist, producer, video artist and music teacher from Italy. We will listen to Evija Vēbere's solo album "Sirdsbūt", in which, with various electronic and acoustic sounds, dreamy and alarming compositions emerge. We will also enjoy Latvian musician Andris Indāns' experimental and electronic music project "Gas of Latvia" latest performance "Nutcracker".

The Market Square will become tha main party area tonight. A discotheque will be played by a professional violinist, but music of open-air party will be performed on a washboard. If you want to eat, then this is the right place! With a wide range of offers, treats, cafes and pubs, we will highlight the magic of the market. Stories about buying-selling and anecdotes told by  the market's host, also contests and fun. DJ Carlo will offer a "Discotheque for Early Birds". Dances in folk/rock style until midnight with the band "Rahu The Fool". The music of this band comes from the first half of the 20th century - folk music, blues, jazz, songs of sailors and soldiers, also schlager in its most classic sense.

As usual, there will be a chance to enjoy cultural programmes, activities and a wonderful Friday evening atmosphere elsewhere in the city as well, which will be provided by Ventspils Tourism Information Centre, which invites visitors to look at their city through the eyes of tourists at the intersection of Kuldīgas and Lielā streets. "Lampu tirgus 3" will take place in the yard of "Zaļais namiņš", as well as music provided by Ventspils Music High School students and hot atmosphere will be ensured by vinyl DJ SIRAM until 03:00. Craft fair, live music, creative workshops, opportunity to go to the "Wonder Party" and at the end of the evening - at 22:00 outdoor cinema - "Meklējot Mr. Kauliņu" will be offered by "Saules kvartāls".

Download here: Programme of THE EVENING WALK "IN ANOTHER LIGHT"