At Kurzeme stand you can find everything that is new and topical for the travelers enjoyment!

26.01.2016 - 16:24
Travelers at Kurzeme stand will be able to get acquainted with the newest and most favorite tourist attractions, as well as, with the most vivid events! At the exhibition it will be possible to feel the sense of the 19th century, to send a surprise card or to try your luck in virtual games, try the new app’s, or to meet people from Kurzeme.
At Kurzeme stand you can find everything that is new and topical for the travelers enjoyment!
Liepāja, at the tourism exhibition „Balttour 2016", is going to show off its new music hall „Lielais Dzintars" (Great Amber). The core values of this contemporary architecture building are outstanding acoustics and multifunctionality. The visitors of the exhibition will be introduced with the program of artistically outstanding cultural events; the possibilities of conferences and corporate events, as well as, the visitors will be able to explore the music hall in guided tour within a group.

At the same time, at the vicinity of Liepāja, a great popularity has earned "Jura Staļli" at Grobiņa, which invites its visitors to try a ride in horse sleigh or skijoring behind a horse. At the summer, visitors favorite activities are horse riding, carriage ride and to test their strength in air rope attractions. One of the most beautiful places within Kurzeme recently has been restored, it is Embute valley walking trail, which is surrounded with tales and legends, it fascinates tourists with its highest hill - Krīvu hill, with its springs, glen and Induļa hillfort. Worth seeing is private antiques storehouse „Ģildēni" in Priekules region, that is arranged within a country house, that was typical for the middle of the 19th century. The house has kept all the auxiliary buildings - barn, stable with a ramp, cellar and a bath house, within there the visitors will be able to see the storage of significant antiques.

The inhabitants of Ventspils, in order to please its visitors, offers to use mobile app of the bank of Vents. All what the visitors have to do is to download it in „App Store" or „Google Play" by entering key phrase „bank of vents" on any of eight languages of virtual embassy. Mobile app offers how to earn vents, view your account balance, find out the places where you can spend vents, as well as, to see the offer of Ventspils tourism objects, plan your day. Tourism sites have descriptions, contact information and they are tagged within the map. This app includes event calendar of future events in Ventspils.

In 2016, will be celebrated 150th anniversary of the famous Latvian painter Janis Rosenthal. While celebrating this event, that is incorporated within UNESCO calendar as a celebration day, in Saldus, throughout all year, is offered rich range of activities - concerts, exhibitions, open-air events, and sports events. Within Saldus History and Art Museum of J. Rosenthal will be unveiled a new and interactive exhibition about the life and work of J. Rosenthal. In Saldus city its visitors will be able to see painted building facades and reproductions of works inspired by the paintings of J. Rosenthal that will be located at the places where the painter used to paint.

Presenting the year of J. Rosenthal in Saldus, its visitors will be able to feel the mood of 19th century and to take a photo by the impressive photo wall where will be seen one of the most known work of J. Rosenthal - „Pēc dievkalpojuma"( After the service)

Visitors of Kuldīga will get the opportunity to try their luck in two virtual games - „The Alekšupīte race" and „Flying fish". The game „Flying fish" allow its participants to test their skills by trying to catch as much flying fishes as possible with a special flying fish catching basket within a set time frame. But the game „The Alekšupīte race" offers to experience more extreme feelings, by choosing any of the offered carnival costumse and trying to get to the finish as quick as possible in order to climb on the podium.

Handicraftsman cooperative „The goods of Kuldīga" will introduce the visitors with the novelties - gourmet tour in Kuldīga and vicinity, as well as, offers at the shops of handicraftsman. At the same time the visitors will be able to taste the output of local manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Tukums will flaunt with novelties at Tukums vicinity -, who offers hiking and educational activities within the Great Kemeri bog. Visitors will reveal the enchantment, the structure of the bog, the history of its development, its flora and fauna. The hikers get special bog / snowshoes that allows to move, not to sink in the bog or snow-drift. On Saturday all participants of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the offer in person and to reserve a place in one of the hikes.

 Citizens of Talsi will intruduce the visitors with the new excursion „Bloom in Talsi" ("Uzziedi Talsos") and will invite to grow flowers in your own gardens, by giving away seeds to the visitors of exhibition from enterprise „Kurzemes sēklas". During the exhibition citizens of Talsi will invite everyone to participate in campaign „Send a post card from Talsi („Aizsūti Talsu pilsētas kartiņu"). Visitors will be able to write a post card and throw it in a mailbox. Then the staff of Talsi TIC will send them in one of the next 11 months, by that, surprising the sender himself and the recipient.

See you at „Balttour 2016"!