Grobiņa, which is full of mysticism and mysteries

23.04.2018 - 14:02
The steam fog is rising above the Mill Pond (Dzirnavu dīķis), surrounding the Grobiņa Fortress with an enigmatic veil. Far away the sea is singing, somewhere it smells of lavender, the sound of Vikings' voices and horse neigh can be heard.
 Grobiņa, which is full of mysticism and mysteries
 The Tāšu manor (Tāšu muiža) and the local Great Stones are unlocking their secrets in Medze parish. Through the fog proud voices of Bārta women are heard. The white mistletoe of Gavieze has secretly settled on that particular tree choosing it over many others.

  Grobiņa Municipality, which is full of mysticism and mysteries, was formed by merging Grobiņa town with Bārta, Medze, Gavieze and Grobiņa parishes. Each of them has its own secret, each of them conceals its peculiar mysticism and the unknown. Grobiņa Municipality is rich in historical and cultural evidence of different historical periods: ancient burial sites, fortresses, manors, great stones, the medieval castle has even been Duke Jacob's residence for a while. Friedrich, the Duke of Courland, during his stay in the Grobiņa medieval castle, has granted Liepāja its city rights. Many times we have stood first - the first school in Kurzeme was founded in Grobiņa, and the first Latvian witch was burned here too.  
Grobiņa Municipality borders the Baltic Sea, River Bārta and River Ālande flow through it and the Lake Tāšu opens up its waters here. By the seaside in Medze parish there is an Amber Path, where you can find both sea-worn pebbles and naturally-occurring works of art. You can go boating on the rivers and the lake and see most extraordinary things. You may also hear the sound of the narrow-gauge engine spreading over the River Bārta, where it used to run long ago. The Vikings of Courland used to sail on the River Ālande, Scandinavian settlements were established there and an ancient burial site stands on the shores thereof. At midnight, when crossing the Mill Pond in Grobiņa, you may hear Viking maiden crying, waiting for their loved ones to come home.  
At Grobiņa Municipality recreation complex "Jura Staļļi" horses speak not only at Christmas, but all year round, because why should they stay silent, after all? There is so much to tell others about "Iveta's Kitchen" delicacies and the Air-track records. And if the wind is blowing from the west, the LavenderVilla is worth mentioning too: it is a place wrapped in a magical scent of lavender, where toys and various delicacies are made from lavender - a plant that still remains a mystery to us.  
Grobiņa Municipality is rich in mysteries and mysticism, because how else could the devil have dropped those stones on our land, which have been lying here stone-still for centuries? .