Night of museums in the Ventspils Museum

18.05.2018 - 08:45
Ventspils Museum waits for its visitors on the International Night of Museums on the 19th of May
Night of museums in the Ventspils Museum
The theme of the International Night of Museums 2018 is "Cradle", and three houses of the Ventspils Museum are ready to swing the cradle theme in quite a different way. Livonian Order Castle (17 Jāņa Street) will wait for its visitors on May 19th right from 7 PM in order to exhibit its display and three expositions of the Museum until 10 PM: special collection Dangerous Bonds: Post (Bīstamie sakari. Pasts) in the exhibition hall, exhibition of the plain-air painting works Early Realism 2018' (Agrīnais reālisms 2018') in the castle galleries and photographic exhibition The Sea (Jūra) by Ilona Vilka in the Small Exhibition Hall. In the context of the Pasts exhibition, a post-card workshop will also be hosted, both in the exhibition hall and in the Museum's Education Centre. Thanks to cooperation with Latvian Gild of Cinematographers, the visitors will be able to watch a movie Tale of the Empty Space (Pasaka par tukšo telpu) in the Chapter Hall filmed by director Krista Burāne. The movie was awarded the National film award „Lielais Kristaps". A concert programme Lullabies for All Bears (Šūpuļdziesmas visiem lāčiem) will start at 10 PM at the inner yard of the castle (love melodies will be played by K.Tkačuka, S.Bondars and S.Somiks). Meanwhile, new owners of Pilskrogs will be taking care of every visitor offering them a sip of the hot tea at the castle yard and tavern. If the weather cooperates, SIA Toniars will provide archery activities at the castle yard.

Herberts Dorbe Memorial Museum (1 Ērgļu Street) will be waiting for its visitors starting from 10 PM in order to watch romantic animation movies with Rainis, Aspazija and Plūdonis poetry made in 70's of the 20th century by a neighbour from Ērgļu Street: Dzintra Aulmane - «Mākonīts un mākonīte» (Little Male and Female Clouds), «Saule un mēness» (The Sun and the Moon), «Tracis» (Debauch), «Bukurags» (Goathorn), «Sēd uz sliekšņa pasaciņa» (Sit at the Threshold, Little Tale), «Aicinājums» (Challenge). You will also be able to meet the movie author Dzintra Alumane herself. 

  Joyful non-sleepers of the Night of Museums are invited to the Pajama Party at 10 PM at the Craftsmen's House (3 Skolas Street), where they will be able to wage pillow battles, sing karaoke, paint dreams and make dream-catchers. There also will be a photo corner, and those brave ones who arrive in pyjamas will be awarded!

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