The best autumnal places in Liepāja region

16.10.2018 - 13:14
The first cold spell has brightly coloured tree leaves and we invite you to discover this rainbow coloured nature up close and personal from the hills and watching towers around Liepāja region.
The best autumnal places in Liepāja region
Manor hill arboretum and Leju sacred spring
Broad selection of ornamental trees and shrubs grows in the arboretum. From the uphill, there is a spectacular view to the neighbouring Lithuania, the Sventaja valley and Leju sacred spring. 
Rucava, Rucava districtOn-line 56.158357, 21.22509.  

Dunika bog trail
Even a bog can be painted in rainbow colours by nature when autumn comes. Enjoy the nature's primitive state and tranquillity, walking the bog trail and observing the extraordinary landscape with the small lakes and tiny islets amidst them.  The trail leads to the one and a half hundred years old Lukna hornbeam wood. 
Dunika county, Rucava district GPS 56.280956, 21.382829  

Walking along the Venta River
One kilometre long walking path, which was created along the Venta River just behind the open-air stage in Skrunda, has been recently upgraded with a picnic place - a table, benches, a boat shaped grill and a fireplace. Capture your visit to Skrunda by taking a photo shot in the specially designed photo frame with the Ventra Bridge on the background!  
Saldus iela 23, Skrunda  

Riding a boat down the Saka River
Enjoy the autumn views and experience the unforgettable landscape, slowly kayaking the Saka River with its colourful riverbanks! While in Pāvilosta, please do not forget to visit the beach, where you may get a chance to find some amber stone. From the top of the observation platform, you will see the outstanding view to the sea and the old Pāvilosta architecture.   
Entering: Dzintaru iela 2C, Pāvilosta +371 29125521
Price upon agreementOnly on a prior notice!  

Akmeņrags lighthouse
35 m high Akmeņrags lighthouse is a highest place in Pāvilosta district and there you may get the most breathtaking views of the region surroundings. Akmeņrags lighthouse has its special charm particularly during stormy weather. 
Saka county, Pāvilosta district +371 28350899
Working hours in October: Mon - Fri 10:00-15:00Price: for adults: 0,70 euro  

Misiņkalns Park in Aizpute
The formation of the Misiņkalns Park started in the early 20th century. Today, the total square of the park is around 28 hectares. Misiņkalns is considered a highest place of the town of Aizpute. It reaches 95,4 m above sea level. A beautiful scenery is revealed upon reaching the top of the hill. New and comfortable bicycle and walking roads make your visit to the park even more pleasant.  
Brīvības iela, Aizpute   

The Water tower of Aizpute
The water tower, made of white bricks, was built in 1960 and reaching the height of 27 meters is considered as one of the Soviet industrial heritage sites, which now is transformed to the watching tower, availing great panoramic views of the town and perfect place for the observation of flying bird flocks. In addition, the water tower serves as an exposition site of the various water system related items, like taps, pumps, information on different industrial objects in Aizpute. It also has an interactive 3D model of water tower and a drill replica.  
Atmodas iela 32C, Aizpute +371 23663289 
Entrance fee: 1 euro/pers. (min 5 pers.)  

Cīrava Forestry Park
For all the lovers of leisurely strolls and stunning nature views, there is a forestry park in Cīrava with specially designed walking paths, bridges and benches. Mainly, it leads along the curvy Durbe River banks, revealing hornbeam, birch, pine and asp woods with some beaver dams in between. For the active lifestyle enthusiasts, there is also "Beaver trail" with the large cable bridge, climbing walls, swings and many other activities.   
Cīrava, Aizpute district  

Kazdanga Estate Park, path and watching tower
Kazdanga Park stretches for 196 hectares and is one of the largest and rich in trees estate parks in Latvia.There are nine different walking routes in length, including 190 m long pontoon path over the Dzirnu lake and 2,7 m high bird and nature watching tower. The pontoon bridge is a part of 7 km long nature trail, which is also appropriate for people in wheelchairs.  
Kazdanga, Aizpute district  

Embūte Nature Park
The Nature Park, also known as the Embūte Old Valley, is one of the most beautiful, thrilling and enigmatic places in Kurzeme. Here hills are mixed with sheer drops and crags, revealing vast beauty of the autumnal landscape.3 km long Embūte Old Valley trail has a watching tower, remainings of an old church, Curonian swords, Joda (Devil's) dam and Joda (Devil's) foot, the site of an ancient town called Induļa hill, and many more. 
Embūte county, Vaiņode district +371 26632134 

Recreation place "Volzbahs" 
A nicely landscaped walking path with the stunning views over the sheer drop. The ideal place to discover the beauty of golden fall, for making picnics and photo sessions. 
Vaiņode, Vaiņodes novads +371 29391023