Roja tourism information centre
The strategic location of the Tourism Information Centre - by the Riga-Roja-Kolka highway - is well-chosen, as the highway delivers the richest flow of tourists.
Selgas iela14E, Roja, Rojas novads, LV-3264
Tukums Tourist information centre
If you must choose where to go on a holiday or simply to relax from the busy rush of the city life, why not leave your heart down in Tukums town?
Talsu iela 5, Tukums, Tukuma novads, LV-3101
+371 63124451,+371 28311557
Saldus Tourism Information, Culture and Sports Centre
Saldus tourism information, culture and sports centre offers following services:
Striķu iela 3, Saldus (ieeja no Kalpaka laukuma), LV-3801<br />
+371 63807443,
Kandava Tourism Information Centre
Tourism information, maps, brochure and souvenirs about Kandava municipality, Kurzeme, Latvia
Kūrorta iela 1 b, Kandava, Kandavas novads, LV-3120
+371 63181150,+371 28356520