Ciecere nature trail in Saldus
Nature and walk trail wends its way along the Ciecere River, from Kuldīga Street bridge to children playground. The trail is one of the most progressive nature-study-walk trails designed for people with special needs.

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Livonian Order Castle in Alsunga
The oldest section of the castle was built in 1372 with 2.3 m thick ramparts and watch towers.
Pils iela 1, Alsunga, Alsungas novads, LV-3306
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Alsunga St. Michael Roman Catholic Church
Construction of this church was completed in 1623.
"Mācītājmuiža", Alsunga, Alsungas novads, LV-3306
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Jaunpils Castle
Jaunpils Castle is one of the few medieval castles which has retained its original appearance. Jaunpils Castle was built in 1301 as a fortress of the Livonian Order. The castle was built by Gottfried von Roga, Master of
Jaunpils pils, Jaunpils, Jaunpils novads, LV-3145
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Tukums Livonian Order castle Tower
The castle tower is a fragment of the oldest building in Tukums – the Livonian Order Castle.
Brīvības laukums 19a, Tukums, LV-3101
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Košrags is the most interesting of the Liv villages in terms of architecture, the cultural landscape, and accessibility.
Košrags, Dundagas novads, LV-3270
+371 63232293,+371 29444395
A small settlement with a school, library and shop. North from the Vidale are visible remains of the windmill.
Vidāle, Dundagas novads, LV-3270
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Liivs National House at Mazirbe
The Liivs' National House was inaugurated on 6 August 1939.
Mazirbe, Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads, LV-3270
+371 29463028, +371 20383578
The collection of antlers in Vaide
The house offers an exhibition of 500 antlers of elks, deer and roebucks collected by Liiv Edgars Hausmanis, the long-term forester, employee at Slītere Nature Reserve, bearer of the Order of the Three Stars. There is a
"Purvziedi", Vaide, Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads,  LV-3275
+371 63200179 ,+371 29395624
The Peterezers nature trail
This circular trail features a unique landscape of parallel rampart-type sand dunes and grassy swamps among the dunes.
Sīkrags - Mazirbe, Dundagas novads, LV-3270
+371 28385025
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