The docks for big and small boats
This place offers a beautiful and a well equipped leisure place in the nature with different kinds of possibilities.
Jūras iela 1A, Roja, Rojas novads
29127447, +371 28627919
The wild nature trail by the river Roja
River Roja and its vicinity is ritchc with its tourism and leisure objects, which are accessible all year round.
Kāpu iela, Roja, Rojas novads
A meal in a fishermans yard in Roja
Hotel “Roja” invite its guests in groups (15-40 people) to get to know the specifics of the work of a fisherman and taste the foods of the sea.
Atpūtas centrs "Otra puse", Jūras iela 8, Rojas, Rojas novads
+371 29477602
Beach of Roja
It is a great place to relax, and enjoy recreation. It's a place for quiet, nature and the sea lovers. And even for those who wish to enjoy extreme activities.
Ostas iela, Roja, Rojas novads
Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja
Gathered information about the most interesting and exciting attractions in the region of Liepaja by the Tourism information center of Liepaja.
Peters market
Peters Market is in the Kurshu square and still is the largest in Liepaja. Its pavilion was foundes in 1910. Architect L.Melvil.
Kuršu 5/7/9, Liepāja
Memoriam “Ghost tree”
This momoriam is also and greeting spot. It resides by the entrance to the park “Put, Vejini!”
“BB wakepark”
“BB wakepark” is an active leisure park based on the Beberlini reservoir in Karosta, Liepaja.
Lībiešu 2/6, Beberliņi, Karosta, Liepāja

+371 24339965
Goat performance and goat cheese in Zlēkas
The house “Upeclīči” is located in a beautiful place by the River Venta. Mistress Brigita keeps goats, makes cheese and from April to October is happy to see guests.
„Upeslīči" , Zlēku pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 29266186,
Homemade smoked meat in “Irbītes”
Homemade smoked meat has a great aroma and taste. Owners offer to taste smoked poultry, sausages and pork.
„Irbītes", Vārves pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 29154882,
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