Kukšu muiža
Kukši Manor is a typical manor of the early 18th century. In historical documents it was first mentioned in 1530. The manor was called after brothers Pēteris, Jēkabs and Klāvs Kukši.
Tukuma novads, Jaunsātu pagasts
Kukšas, "Kukšu muiža"
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Sweets Tour to Saldus
A sweets tour in Saldus District offers a chance to visit a sweets production facility of your choice. Sweets and souvenirs can be bought in the Ziemeļbeķereja cafe. You are welcome to the sweet town; come and enjoy swee
Rideļi Mill
In the beginning of World War One, the mill was burned down, but after the 1920 Land Reform, when it became the property of the Kambali family, its operation was resumed. There are premises for milling rye flour, grits a
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