Tevinu home wine

This winery makes home wine from the grapes in their own garden and fruit and beeries gathered in the wild fields around.
Tevinu home wine
Every year the assortment is different. It varies on the natures generosity. Because the nature every year differs which fruit it brings the most. At one year the pealages branches may be full with berries, but in another - there would be hardly any. All of the wine are made from freshly picked fruit, berries and juices, The exception are the ice wines, that are made from frozen fruit. They only use the traditional yeast so to achieve the original product with exceptional quality. There are wines that are made from extracted juices and also are those that are made from the puree of berries. For stabilizing the process they use oak.

It is possible to visit and see the brewery. The master will give a tour and tell about some aspects of the process. There are tasting tours too. Previously making agreements it is possible to fire up the outdoor frying pan so you can heat up the meal you have brought with yourself and have a great time. For children we offer fruit and berry juices.
"Tēviņi", Zemītes pagasts, Kandavas novads, LV-3135
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Previously apply for the visit
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Wine tasting + tour - From 3eur per person
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