Oдно из красивейших побережий Балтийского моря в Латвии с впечатляющим отвесным берегом высотой 20 м.
Jūrkalnes pagasts, Ventspils novads 

www.jurkalne.lv; www.jurkalnesstavkrasts.lv; www.labrags.lv
Старинный город в северной части Курземе, около старого русла реки Вента в 22 км от Вентспилса.
Ventspils novads, Piltene, Lielā iela 2a 
Tradition Centre of the Middle Age crafts “Pūrs”
Already for many years a farm “Pūrs” together with Ventspils Museum have been specialising in making medieval weapons, costumes, armours and craftsman’s tools.
z/s „Pūrs", Ūdrande, Piltenes pagasts, Ventspils novads

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Liepājas Universitāte
Liepājas Universitāte ir lielākā augstskola Kurzemē
Zlēkas manor-house and park
Zlēkas manor-house and park was owned by von Behrs' family and built in XVIII-XIX century.
Ventspils novads, Zlēku pagasts
Ensemble and exposition of Pope’s Manor-house
Baroque style architectural monument of European significance built in XVII century, former hunting castle, used for filming famous eating episode of Latvian movie “Velna kalpi” (Devil’s servants).
Ventspils novads, Popes pagasts , Pope, Popes pamatskola, LV-3614
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Ivande Manor
The ensemble of the former Ivande Manor contains the well preserved 18th and 19th century manor buildings, a barn and a stable. There are several secular trees in the park, including the biggest fir in the Baltics. Next
Kuldīgas novads, Īvandes pagasts, Īvande, Muižas aleja, Skolas nams

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St. Trinity Church in Liepāja
Construction of St. Trinity Church in Liepāja started in 1742 (the first pile was driven on March 29, the foundation stone was laid on July 19). Architect J.K.Dorn, assistant M.Froelich. The church was consecrated on Dec
Crafts house in Liepaja
The building of the House of Craftsmen is one of the oldest stone buildings in the city – it is a typical example of the dwelling houses built in Liepāja at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It was built for
Ventspils Children’s Town
In Children’s Town on the area of 4 hectares dozens of different playground devices are placed as well as a special children’s cafe is opened. Children from all over the Latvia have become attached to this beautiful plac
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