Ostas Street Promenade in Ventspils and boat "Hercogs Jēkabs"
Ostas Street Promenade or Ventmala delights the visitors thanks to several outstanding tourism objects – Livonian Order Castle, tour boat “Hercogs Jēkabs”, monument to Kr. Valdemars . Flower beds and flower s
Ostas un Tirgus ielu krustojums, Ventspils novads, Ventspils, LV-3601
+371 63622263 ,+371 26353344
Piltene is an ancient town in Northern part of Kurzeme, situated next to the former riverbed of the river Venta, 22 km from Ventspils. It is famous for being the main town of Kurzeme bishopric from the end if XIII cent.
Lielā iela 2a, Piltene, Ventspils novads, LV-3620
+371 26566315
Valdemārpils Town and Surroundings
Valdemārpils (before 1926 – Sasmaka) lies 16 km north of Talsi, on the shore of Lake Sasmaka. An ancient Couronian castle once stood on top of the near-by Dupurkalns hill, also the site of cult activity. The name of Sasm
Valdemārpils, Laidzes pagasts, Talsu novads LV-3260
+371 63254762 ,+371 63291100
Igene Evangelic Lutheran church
Igene church is one of the few wooden churches in Latvia, built in mid-18th century and still successfully serving its original purpose. The shape of the dimension, layout and proportions of the church are archaic bearin
Iģene, Vandzenes pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3281
+371 63200373 ,+371 28741842
The Jāņkalni Folklore Path
“Jāņkalni” path provides information on the ancestral ornaments, signs, and deities which are our cultural heritage. The educational objective is to acquaint pupils with the customs of ancient Latvians, to he
Jāņkalni, Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3290
+371 26096415
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Talsi
On the steep Church Hill of Talsi rising above the old town stands the white-stone Church of Talsi – built in 1567 and reconstructed numerous times. In the course of several centuries its architecture was shaped by Roman
Baznīcas laukums 4, Talsi, LV-3201
+371 63224251 ,+371 29392287
The Knights Hillfort, the Livonian Order Castle Ruins, and the Castle Tower
Construction of the Livonian Order Castle in Kandava was initiated in year 1254.
Kandava, Kandavas novads

Kukšu muiža
Kukši Manor is a typical manor of the early 18th century. In historical documents it was first mentioned in 1530. The manor was called after brothers Pēteris, Jēkabs and Klāvs Kukši.
 "Kukšu muiža", Kukšas, Jaunsātu pagasts, Tukuma novads, LV-3128

+371 63181545 ,+371 25980910; +371 29205188
Textile workshop "Austrumi"
Textile workshop “Austrumi” is located in beautiful surroundings – within a forest enclosure in the vicinity of Saldus.
"Austrumi", Druva, Saldus pagasts, Saldus novads, LV-3801
+371 26470849
Pottery Workshop at Pampāļi
Newlyweds have an opportunity to create their first joint pottery masterpiece, and to break a pot for a happy life. Visitors can order wedding gifts and souvenirs, and try their hand in producing some.
"Klapatas", Pampāļi, Pampāļu pagasts,Saldus novads, LV-3882

+371 63865253,+371 26305478
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