Country Resort Village offers recreation activities
A wide range of activities in county of Aizpute
Ūdensrozes, Kazdangas pagasts, Aizputes novads, LV-3457

+371 28332737, 26706009
Recreation place and mini zoo „Buki”
Camping, guest house and mini zoo. A quiet place near Ventspils, where you can enjoy the peace of countryside.
Buki, Vārves pagasts, Ventspils novads, LV-3623
+371 25120375,+371 25120357
Escape Room "Escape Kuldiga"
This is an adventure game. You become trapped and you have 60 minutes to escape. You have to resolve riddles to escape to freedom.
Baznīcas iela 32, Kuldīg, LV-3301
+371 28728202
 SUP board rental “Spura”
(Stand Up Paddle) SUP are boards you blow up - they are good use for physical, refreshing and fun time to spend time in the water.
Selgas iela 2, Roja, Rojas novads (vasaras sezonā) vai pēc pieprasījuma.

+371 2 9377608
BMX Track
The BMX track offers jumps and curves of various levels of difficulty.
Saules iela 141, Ventspils

+371 28611333
Mini ZOO ,,Upeskalni"
Farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first Chinchilla nurseries in Latvia, it is possible to view and pet different colour chinchillas. You can also see Charole meat cows, who live outside all year.
"Upeskalni", Ārlavas pagasts,Talsu novads

+371 63200437,+371 29154018, +371 29168142
Wild rope trails in the tree apexes in Roja
In the Roja’s beach territory are equipped with three level rope trails which are build in the growing apexes of the pine trees
Ostas iela, Roja, Rojas novads
+371 29273407; +371 28627919
The docks for big and small boats
This place offers a beautiful and a well equipped leisure place in the nature with different kinds of possibilities.
Jūras iela 1A, Roja, Rojas novads
29127447, +371 28627919
The wild nature trail by the river Roja
River Roja and its vicinity is ritchc with its tourism and leisure objects, which are accessible all year round.
Kāpu iela, Roja, Rojas novads
Beach of Roja
It is a great place to relax, and enjoy recreation. It's a place for quiet, nature and the sea lovers. And even for those who wish to enjoy extreme activities.
Ostas iela, Roja, Rojas novads
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