Movie Town "Cinevilla"

If you want to witness a film being shot outdoors and live the part of heroes of the days gone by, then the Cinevilla Movie Town in scenic Kurzeme is the place for you. Cinema and Weaponry Museum.
Movie Town "Cinevilla"

Cinevilla is located in the municipality of Slampe, 15 km from Tukums. A visit to the movie town is like stepping into a time machine – you will see how Rīga looked about a hundred years ago.  

Close by there is a church, historical bridges, the market place, stone paved streets, the Daugava riverbank with ships, the tram line, military equipment and other props, offering you a glance of the ins and outs of filmmaking.  

The construction of the site began in 2004 for shooting the historical motion picture Rīgas sargi, (Defenders of Rīga), the most expensive Latvian film ever. The movie tells the story of the Latvian War of Independence and cost more than two million Lats.  

The bravest visitors of Cinevilla can explore the process of shooting a movie: climbe over a gorge of fire, ride a bicycle at high speed, fly up to the clouds and dive to the depths. By means of special equipment the filming manager will offer the visitors an opportunity to feel like actors and learn about filmmaking in detail.

To let you feel the breath of history, the costume storage will offer for rent an army uniform, a costume of a war nurse or a city lady. You can put on the costume, take a walk through Cinevilla and have your picture taken.

The grounds of Cinevilla also host the Lāči bakery where the visitors can watch bread being made and buy a fresh baked loaf. There is also the movie town pub with authentic Latvian food and design, as well as a military history museum Arsenāls.  

In summer, Cinevilla also offers accommodation: 12 cabins with the shower and WC (4 with two, and 8 with four beds, 46 beds in total). Tent sites are also available. For more information, please visit
Groups of 10 persons and more are offered a guided tour through Cinevilla. The guides will tell you all about building the backlot, about its specific sites and the filmmaking process. The guided tour costs LVL 3.00 per person.

"Vidusvecvagari", Slampes pagasts, Tukuma novads, LV-3119
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Every day 10:00 – 19:00

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Admission fee:
EUR 3,00 for adults,
EUR 1,50 for childrens.


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