Seed-plot in “Bērziņi”

This family business grows perennial ornamental plants. On request they make flower containers and pyramids.
Seed-plot in “Bērziņi”
There are 2208m2 of seasonal and double layering greenhouse. In 7000m2 there are from 120 to 140 thousand perennial flowers in the containers. You can buy from 300 to 450 types of plants but in total there are more than thousand types available.

There are dozens of low growing, sun loving plants for dry stone garden, as well as more than two meter high shade plants to grow near the pond or in a park under the trees. New types of flowers are added each year. You can also buy herbs in containers and floristic goods such as Christmas decorations made out of pine and spruce cones, advent wreaths, etc.
  • Phone: +371 29506611