Rose garden “Rozites”

This rose garden in the parish of Seme is cherished by Daila and Bruno Trubini. the third generation is working with the the rose gardening.
Rose garden “Rozites”
It all started with Dailas grandfather Paul Salmins, who had worked as a gardener in the manor of Strutele. During the time of the first independence of Latvia he teached many gardeners in their first days and made many plant nurseries. A big part of what the family had invested had died during the second world war. But the love for the work and the land stayed. In the newly made rose nursery "Rozites" the Trubinu family grow, care and pick the most beautiful varieties  for the collection. They buy new varieties in the nurseries of Europe, and also in the best of Latvia's rose growers. Those who're interested can visit and view the roses for themselves, and buy some for them.

Biedrība Rožu dārzs", „Rozītes", netālu no Sēmes luterāņu baznīcas, Sēmes pagasts, Tukuma novads
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