Аптечный музей в Угале
Небольшой частный музей, в котором можно ознакомиться с историей аптечного дела.
+371 29806002,
Латвийская голубая корова
Летом на лугах хозяйства «Зитари» можно увидеть латвийскую голубую корову – породу, которую также называют морской и лунной.
„Zītari" , Jūrkalnes pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 26846233,
 Мини-зоопарк «Силкални»
В мини-зоопарке «Силкални» можно осмотреть декоративных кур, голубей и водоплавающих птиц разных пород.
„Silkalni", Vārves pagasts, Ventspils novads 
+371 26874388
Старинный город в северной части Курземе, около старого русла реки Вента в 22 км от Вентспилса.
Ventspils novads, Piltene, Lielā iela 2a 
Hammersmith’s Ainārs Rullis shop
By prior appointment, in a modern shop you can get to know the work of a hammersmith, to see his works, to speak with a master and to try out the work of a hammersmith.
„Saulgrieži" Jūrkalne, Ventspils novads
+371 26373352 ,
Underestimated Affairs Museum
In the permanent exhibition you can see antique radios, paintings, antique houshold items and many other peculiar and valuable things.
 Poligons "Ķīvītes" Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads, LV-3430
+371 63459091,+371 26420306
Zlēkas manor-house and park
Zlēkas manor-house and park was owned by von Behrs' family and built in XVIII-XIX century.
Ventspils novads, Zlēku pagasts
Ensemble and exposition of Pope’s Manor-house
Baroque style architectural monument of European significance built in XVII century, former hunting castle, used for filming famous eating episode of Latvian movie “Velna kalpi” (Devil’s servants).
Ventspils novads, Popes pagasts , Pope, Popes pamatskola, LV-3614
+371 26825367,
Liepāja Museum
The Liepāja Museum makes noteworthy effort in preserving and promoting the heritage of national culture. Its operations include the formation, maintenance and research of the museum collections, as well as devising expos
Kūrmājas prospekts 16, Liepāja
+371 63422327 ,+371 29605223
Crafts house in Liepaja
The building of the House of Craftsmen is one of the oldest stone buildings in the city – it is a typical example of the dwelling houses built in Liepāja at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. It was built for
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