Jaunauce Manor Ensamble and Park
The Empire style manor house built in the early 19th century for Count von Medem has survived with little change. The original interior has been preserved, which is the only remaining example of late classical style in L
Jaunauces pils, Jaunauces pagasts, Saldus novads, LV-3893 
+371 28349411
Film & Photography History Collection
The enthusiast of cinema and photography history Andris Bušinskis has arranged a remarkable exposition of cinematography and photography equipment.
"Ziķi", Zirņu pagasts, Saldus novads, LV-3853
+ 371 29456334
Saldus History and Art Museum of Janis Rosenthal
Original works of Janis Rozentāls are exhibited on two floors of the museum. Janis Rozentāls is one of the first Latvian professional artists. The artist’s most significant paintings belong to the early period of his cre
Striķu iela 22, Saldus, LV-3801
+371 63881547 ,+371 26193485
Livonian Order Castle in Alsunga
The oldest section of the castle was built in 1372 with 2.3 m thick ramparts and watch towers.
Pils iela 1, Alsunga, Alsungas novads, LV-3306
+371 264225015
Jaunpils Castle
Jaunpils Castle is one of the few medieval castles which has retained its original appearance. Jaunpils Castle was built in 1301 as a fortress of the Livonian Order. The castle was built by Gottfried von Roga, Master of
Jaunpils pils, Jaunpils, Jaunpils novads, LV-3145
+371 63107082,+371 26101458
Tukums Livonian Order castle Tower
The castle tower is a fragment of the oldest building in Tukums – the Livonian Order Castle.
Brīvības laukums 19a, Tukums, LV-3101
+371 63124348 ,+371 25622131
The collection of antlers in Vaide
The house offers an exhibition of 500 antlers of elks, deer and roebucks collected by Liiv Edgars Hausmanis, the long-term forester, employee at Slītere Nature Reserve, bearer of the Order of the Three Stars. There is a
"Purvziedi", Vaide, Kolkas pagasts, Dundagas novads,  LV-3275
+371 63200179 ,+371 29395624
Kuldīga District Museum
Although direct evidence is missing, there is a legend that this building was the Russian Pavilion at the exhibition in Paris in 1900. After extensive restoration work the museum re-opened its door to visitors on April 2
Pils 5, Kuldīga, LV-3301
+371 63350179, +371 63322364
Ēdole Castle
Ēdole Castle is situated in a park on the banks of Ēdole Lake. It is still inhabited. Ēdole Castle was built in the period from 1264 to 1276 and has been rebuilt several times. The permanent exhibition of this medieval c
Ēdoles pils, Ēdole, Ēdoles pagasts, Kuldīgas novads
+371 26228899 (muzejs), + 371 63321251 (viesnīca), + 371 29184721 (krodziņš)
The Lt Roberts Rubenis Battalion Museum
In 1944, between November 14 and December 9, there were fierce battles between SD and SS units from the German 16th Army, under the command of Police General Friedrich Jekeln, and a separate battalion of the Kurelians, u
Usmas pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 26559172
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