Drubazas botany trail

The farm has specialized in implementation of environmental protection projects and provision of tourism services. Tourists can enjoy different recreation activities: hiring a boat for boat trip down the Abava River, goi
Drubazas botany trail

A special offer for visitors: a guided walk along the two-kilometre Drubazas botany trail, which has been built within the framework of the project implemented in cooperation between the Latvian Fund for Nature and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In order to facilitate pasture management, the Latvian Fund for Nature and its partners from the Netherlands have also helped to build enclosures for livestock in wild.

Comfortable sixty-metre long stairs with 200 steps have been built allowing people to cross the grass marsh formed by springs flowing at the terrace slope and not to get their feet wet. A little bridge crosses the brook. Thus anyone can easily walk along both the big and the small arcs of the trail.

"Drubazas", Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads

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