Valdemārpils Town and Surroundings

Valdemārpils (before 1926 – Sasmaka) lies 16 km north of Talsi, on the shore of Lake Sasmaka. An ancient Couronian castle once stood on top of the near-by Dupurkalns hill, also the site of cult activity. The name of Sasm
Valdemārpils Town and Surroundings

Valdemārpils received its name only in 1926, when the government of the Republic of Latvia renamed the small town of Sasmaka, paying tribute to a prominent public figure of the national awakening period, Krišjānis Valdemārs, who lived here from 1835 to 1845. 

Once in Valdemārpils, it is worth taking a walk through the narrow streets and to see the old one-storey timber houses, a special feature of Valdemārpils architectural style. On a hot summer’s day be sure to go to the well-maintained beach on Lake Sasmaka where you can relax, enjoy a swim, or test your strength on a sports ground.

You should also climb up the ancient Couronian castle mound where the region’s first song festival was held in 1936. Valdemārpils is proud of its lime (linden) trees – the largest lime tree in the Baltic states, called the Idol Lime Tree (Elku liepa), and the luxurious trees planted by Valdemārs himself that now line Valdemārs Street.

Valdemārpils, Laidzes pagasts, Talsu novads LV-3260
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