Ventspils Fountains

Thanks to several fountains, the residents of Ventspils have brought calmness into the city’s dynamic life, which is provided by the gurgling and flowing sounds of the water.
Ventspils Fountains

The landscape of the city of Ventspils is enlivened by ten different fountains - the unique Frigate "Whale" fountain that was revealed in the restored Lielais Square in 2016, "Ship Watcher" on Ostas Street Promenade, "Sun Boats" in Jaunpilsētas Square, "Millstone"in Dzirnavu Square, "Dune Pine" next to Pārventa Library, "Drops" next to Ventspils University College, "Vidumupīte Fountain", fountain in the pond of Reņķa Garden, as well as the eye-catching and colourful fountain of the Adventure Park and 

Working time

Fountains are open to visitors daily

Services and facilities
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