Chinchilla breeding kennel “Upeskalni”

The farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first to chinchilla breeding kennels in Latvia. There you can see hundreds of chinchilla, who you can hold, pet and feed.
Chinchilla breeding kennel “Upeskalni”
In the farm you can learn about the breeding conditions in the company of a professional guide. The little animals live in the Andes region in South America which are very cliffy. The thick but fobulous coat protects these animals from the harsh climatic environments there. But because of this fur, the wild chinchillas are almost extinct. If you fell in love with one of the little animals, you can buy one for your home to love and care for. They are easy adaptable to your house regime.  The far also have gese, rabbits, hensm meat cows, turkeys, goats and sheep.

"Upeskalni", Valdemārpils lauku teritorija, Talsu novads
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