Nature Trail "Zaņas līkloči" (Zigzags of Zaņa)

The trail starts off by the mill-dam built in 1864, and leads to a state protected nature site, a geomorphologic reserve – with outcrops of sedimentary rock from the Jurassic period over an area of about 10 hectares.
Nature Trail "Zaņas līkloči" (Zigzags of Zaņa)

The “Zigzags of Zaņa” nature trail has been laid out over 4.5 km in the lower reaches of the river Zaņa, not far from the place where it joins the Venta. Features include rare and protected plant species – ramsons (wild garlic), wild orchids, also large colonies of river mussel, and beaver trails and dams. 

The idea to lay out a nature trail came from the members of the Zaņa Fishing Club who were seeking to find ways of cleaning up the banks of the Zaņa mill pond after it had been given over to the care of the fishermen. The parish Council supported the idea and suggested that they should design a walking route that would attract not only fishermen but also other nature lovers.

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