Kalnsētas Manor Ensemble and Park

The manor was property of Baron Georg von der Recke (1825-1900). His son Friedrich was the owner of the manor up till the agrarian reform.
Kalnsētas Manor Ensemble and Park

In 1920 the manor housed the Saldus Gymnasium, and currently it accommodates the Saldus Agricultural School .The manor ensemble has two parts – representational and subsidiary facilities. The representation zone includes the manor house and auxiliary premises: servants’ quarters, a granary, stables for carriage horses, and a gardener’s cottage next to the garden and the greenhouse.

The Neoclassicism style castle was built in 1874 for Georg von Recke, and fragments of the interior decorations of high artistic value have been preserved. In 19th century near the Kalnamuiža manor house, a landscape park was laid out to feature also the river Ciecere with a romantic islet, and a pond.

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