Vasenieki swamp footbridge
In order to get to know better the swamp itself and the life of its habitat animals one of the Stikli swamps – Vasenieki swamp – has swamp footbridge installed.
 Barefoot path
Here you can enjoy exciting walks that are both emotionally rich and full of surprises.
Valguma pasaule, Smārdes pagasts, Engures novads, LV-3129
+371 63181222 ,+371 29414022
Dunduri  Meadows
he Dunduri Meadows are encircled by forest and are rather peripheral, which is why birds love them. The best time to visit is from the spring until the latter half of the summer. There’s a bird-watching tower.
Rose Square
The heart of Liepāja is its Rose Square, located in the heart of the city centre. In the 18th century the New Market was located here. Even today you can still see evidence of that time - the houses in the square with tw
Rožu laukums, Liepāja, LV-3401
+371 63480808 ,+371 29402111
Holiday house and small animal zoo "Apsīši"
Visitors are welcome to watch the wild animals and learn more about their lifestyle. The farm has two ponies, cows and sheep.
"Apsīši", Ķūļi, Ķūļciema pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3283

+371 63254404,+371 29421081
Pāvilosta – a Courland town – located in the western part of Latvia on the coast of the Baltic Sea barely needs advertising. Almost every resident of Latvia knows it, and every third person has visited Pāvilosta region a
Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads, LV-3466
+371 63498229,+371 29121894
Aizvīķi Forest Park
Aizvīķi Forest Park is beautiful and interesting in all seasons. The park was planted in the late 1880s as the Aizvīķi manor-house park. Alongside local species of trees, it also has exotic species, such as shellbark hic
Aizviķi, Gramzdas pagasts, Priekules novads, LV-3434
+371 29186717
Liepāja Seaside Park and Blue Flag Beach
Latvia largest dendrological park, now extending for about 50 ha, was gradually developed from 1870 to the early 20th century. The park boasts more than 140 different species of trees and shrubs.
Jūrmalas parks, Liepāja, LV-3401

Caves of Riežupe
Total length of sand caves of Riezupe ir roughly 2 kilometers. Currently we can visit 460 meters of underground caves which has rare allurement. The story goes that labyrinths of the caves has unsual power...
Smilšu alas, Rumbas pagasts, Kuldīgas novads, LV-3301

+371 29555042, +371 29896646, +371 28636831
Lake Būšnieki
Būšnieku lake has become a wonderful place for fans of leisure activity
Ventspils novads, Ventspils, LV-3601
+371 22000509
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