Kempings "Strazdiņi"
Telšu vietas un labiekārtotas 2,3,4-vietīgas mājiņas (kopā 24 gultas vietas). Peldēšanās un makšķerēšanas iespējas Usmas ezerā. Laivu noma. Iespējams atpūsties arī viesu mājas pirts kompleksā (Ls 80 ar nakšņošanu).
+371 23673694,+371 29125416 , +371 29382880
Usmas kempings
Rest and relaxation in the camping by the Lake Usma. Cabins with WC/shower or shared use facilities in an outbuilding. Sites for tents and caravans. Active recreation on and in the water, saunas, paddle boats, yachting p
Priežkalni, Usmas pagasts, Ventspils novads
Camping "Sveikuļi"
Complex that offers not only accommodations and sauna but also games in nature – labyrinth, orientation and game “Latvia” .
Sveikuļi, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads
+371 29232026
The Horn of Kolka itself!  The sea right beyond the windows.  Separate flat for visitors with shower and WC in a country home.  Firewood stove in the kitchen.  Lots of room for tents.  Owners lease bicycles for local tou
Ūši, Kolka, Dundagas novads

+ 371 29475692, + 371 63276507
Recreation and sport centre "Dzintarkrasts"
Recreation and sports centre “Dzintarkrasts” was established in 2006 on the shore of the Gulf of Riga in Roja County, surrounded by the scenic woods of Zocene.
Žocene, Rojas novads

+371 28600600, +371 29 105 411(restorāns)
Camping "Ķīši"
When you are going from Riga, the distance to be covered is approximately 190 km, when from Liepāja - 90 km, and from Ventspils - 60 km.
"Ķīši", Alsungas novads, LV-3306

+371 633 53427,+371 29244221