Join us for an Easter walk “Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg” in Ventspils
To welcome Easter, each year, the city of Ventspils is decorated with beautiful festive decorations. This year is no exception - eggs, bunnies and other thematic compositions set up at several places in the city will bring enormous joy to the locals. During the holidays, the Tourism Information Centre (TIC) of Ventspils invites you to take an Easter Walk "Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg", using a special map to discover the colourful Easter decorations and count all eggs set up at various locations in
 Ventspils Region Travel Guide with a map now available
For the first time, the Ventspils Region Municipality has developed a travel guide with a map. On the cover it reads “Ventspils Region – Environmentally Friendly Tourism Destination”, as in the municipality development programme this territory is positioned as a green region endowed with rich natural resources and unique cultural heritage.
Several cycling routes now available to cyclists in Ventspils and its surroundings
The spring is just around the corner. Waking up from winter slumber, the flourishing parks and green spaces in Ventspils invite everyone to enjoy the nature! One of the best ways to go sightseeing is going for a ride by bicycle.
 Walking trails and routes for spring walks near the city of Ventspils
The nature is awakening, and the spring is in the air. The ice from the rivers is drifting to the sea, and the migratory birds are returning … One feels this strong urge to take it all in, observe and experience it all. Longer and shorter walks are a great way to enjoy the richness of nature surrounding us all year round. The Tourism Information Centre of Ventspils encourages you to enjoy the nature and draw the inspiration from the sea, dunes, lakes, rivers, forests, meadows and marshes, observ
Facts about Liepāja
Liepāja has often defined trends and has been among the first in many areas both historically and today in Latvia, the Baltics and worldwide.