The St. Nicholas Orthodox Maritime Cathedral

The St.Nicholas Cathedral is the visual and spiritual dominant of the whole Karosta area. The Cathedral has been designed and erected in the style of the 17th century Russian orthodox churches .
The St. Nicholas Orthodox Maritime Cathedral
Erection of the Cathedral began in 1901. That same year the Russian Tsar Nicholas II with his family members, courtiers and supreme officers took part in the solemn ceremony of consecration of the foundation stone of the Cathedral. The first service in St.Nicholas Cathedral and its consecration took place in 1903. The Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family and courtiers also took part in this ceremony.
On the outbreak of World War I, numerous items were evacuated to Russia including the bells and icons, and the valuables that had were left were pillaged by the German occupiers. During the 1920s and 1930s, under the Latvian government, the Church was adapted to the needs of the Liepāja garrison's Lutherans.
Finally, upon the conclusion of the Second World War, the Soviet Navy base in Liepāja was made a secret territory and was closed to public. So they established a sports hall, a cinema and the so-called "red corner" (a recreation and entertainment room) here in the former Cathedral for the needs of sailors and soldiers. It was then that the sphere of the central cupola was bricked up, to destroy its great acoustics and allow the naval personnel to hear their films. The militaries left the Cathedral in September 1991. The first church service in the regained Cathedral was held in December the same year.

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