Ivande Manor

The ensemble of the former Ivande Manor contains the well preserved 18th and 19th century manor buildings, a barn and a stable. There are several secular trees in the park, including the biggest fir in the Baltics. Next
Ivande Manor

Besides the 18th century dwelling house “Osenieki”, there is also the new castle built after 1860, which was renewed and altered in 1912 after being burnt down. Next to the castle there is a memorial stone for writer Martins Kalndruvis (1916 – 1992), whose native house used to be nearby. The tallest European fir in Latvia is growing in the park.

The new castle was built opposite the old manor-house in the other half of the19th century in the style of neo-classicism based on a project by architect T.Zeilers. (K.Veinberga, J.Zviedrans). The water-mill was built in 1842 and is still functioning. There is a row of ponds and a landscape park with walking paths set up in the mid-19th century next to Lielivande Manor.

Īvande, Īvandes pagasts, Kuldīgas novads

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