Padure Manor

Padures manor house is located in Kuldiga’s district, Padure. It is about 5 km from Kuldiga, approximately 50 km from port city Ventspils and around 167 km from Latvia’s capital city, Riga.
Padure Manor
Around 200 meters away from the manor there's a large pond. Nearby is the river Venta, which is the biggest river in whole Courland and has the widest waterfall (249 m) in Europe - the Venta waterfall.

  From history we've learned that in year 1837 manor-house was bought by John Lowis Balfour, but he ordered to build a new one. That's why we assume that the real establishment year of this building is 1840. Also this date corresponds to the manor's volume and composition of its building manner. Padures manor house has never undergone major conversion, it has remained at its original design along with rich amount of initial components and large share of interior decorations. The building demonstrates unique 19th century's second quarter's national architectural samples. Interior decorations from second half of 19th century and beginning of 20th century enhances manor's overall value. The total area according to the inventory file is 960.7 square meters, but the usable area consists from 838.9 square meters. Land's total size is 2.33 hectares. In total the manor house has 3 floors. The bottom floor originally had twelve rooms - cellar, pantry, washer's living room, maid's room, housemaid's room, menial room, housekeeper's room, gardener's room, laundrette, kitchen, wine cellar and one unoccupied room. So-called lords or middle floor also had the same number of rooms as the bottom. Previously the lobby was dark gray with brown skin covering its floor. While walking to the left of the clockwise direction from the lobby, you can spot a formerly green guest room, where close Balfour's guests sometimes used to stay. Its entrance leading further to lady's writing room in which was painted in yellow tones and then corner room - lord's bedroom. Behind the small menage stairs the next corner  room served as storeroom but adjacent room was a white painted dining room with shades of dark brown, wall, built-in buffet, which is still maintained. Previously further from the dining-room one could enter the hall, whose walls were a pale blue tone detailed with detailed gold ornaments. In addition to the two round furnaces in the corner niches of the hall as decorative elements this room also had two lighting fixtures - ceiling chandeliers. Dark wood furniture with silk joints was placed in the hall. Next room to the hall was fireplace room painted red at that time. The white tile fireplace from fireplace room, unfortunately, had been removed. From fireplace room one could proceed to the corner room - lords cabinet, colored in various brown tones. Behind the smaller ménage stairs which led to the basement was sofa room - corner room toned in several golden shades, but next to sofa room the flower room was placed with walls in colour of gray pigeon feathers. The flower room was followed by dark blue card room, from which the door once again led back into the lobby. The third - top floor was where guests usually stayed.
Padures muiža, Padure, Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas novads, LV-3321
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