Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja

Gathered information about the most interesting and exciting attractions in the region of Liepaja by the Tourism information center of Liepaja.
Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja
The city, where the wind is born. Its outskirts will inspire all for the autumn adventures and tours.

Memorable place Tree of Ghosts"Ghosts Tree" located close to the concert stage "Put, vējiņi!" is dedicated to the legendary band "Līvi". This is an impressive six-meter tree, assembled from four thousand metal rods and surrounded by special lighting. Closer to the roots of the tree, engraved in the metal are the names of those "livs", which had already gone to the forefathers. The titles of the best songs of the group "Līvi" are written on the bricks of the pavements, and silhouettes of five musical instruments are hidden somewhere midst the tree branches. Take a seat on the benches in the shape of a guitar neck and by pressing a button hear the songs of the legendary band!

Liepāja TheatrePerformances, costume rentals, premises for public events and special occasions. Offer for groups - a tour behind the scenes where sets, costumes and props are created.

Applied Art Centre "Dārza iela" and The House of Craftsmen
In Applied Arts Centre you can meet the masters of Applied Arts Studio "Kursa", "Liepaja" and "Zītars" which manage our immaterial cultural heritage. Weavers, knitters and amber jewelry makers demonstrate their skills and organize workshops to teach applied arts skills.Today in the House of Craftsmen you can have a look at the at the longest amber necklace in Latvia - 123 m long and 19,5 kg in weight. You will find different kinds of craftsmen works here and will have the possibility to try doing them.

Liepāja MuseumThe Liepāja Museum resides in one of the most beautiful 20th century buildings in Liepāja. The museum exhibition tells the history of the Liepāja City and its surrounding area from the Stone Age to the early 20th century. The museum also has on display an exposition dedicated to a wood carver Miķelis Pankoks (1894-1983) and two exhibition halls. Guided tours and different workshops of museum pedagogy for groups. 

Active leisureMany possibilities for activities while in the region of Liepaja
KarostaIt's a city with an unsusal charm that can suprise enyone. It has many historical munuments form the war time in the city.  

Embūte Nature ParkEmbūte old valley is one of the most scenic, interesting and enigmatic places in Kurzeme. Over the course of time a good many legends and tales have been gathered which relate to Embūte. 

Dolls RoomValda Jēriņa was leather forewoman, active amateur and collectionar. One of her favorite things was collecting dolls and to dress up them in unique self-made dresses, with witch she acquired recognition and popularity.

Milk MuseumTravel through time by the river of milk and learn about the history of the dairy industry in Latvia. You can turn back in the times of your granny churning the butter, then taking it by horse to the closest train station to transport it further to the town. Rivers of milk, mountains of butter and huge amount of cheese wheels have been consumed since then. Come and visit us to learn how all those milk products were made. Use the opportunity. Interactive exposition will help to gain practical knowledge about milking a cow by hand, milk skimming and making butter.

Exposition "Everything about collective farms"Exposition housed in the office building of former collective farm "Suvorovs".

Recreational place "Kamenes"Nature trail with recreational and play elements suitable for families with children. Tent places, swimming place, sauna.By prior appointment!

Stables of JurisHorse-back riding classes, horse-back riding on the field and in the woods, a drive in a two-horse team driven cart or sleigh, availability of specially trained small horses and ponies for children.Picnic areas and sport grounds, a children playground, a gazebo and tents for social events, barbecue equipment, campfire sites, camping sites, catering.

Lake DurbeDurbe Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Liepāja region with beautiful scenery. It has a surface area of 670.5 ha with the avarage depth of 1.5 m. Lake's north-east territory's alluvial land meadows are included in the protected area register of Natura 2000.

Bārta RiverIt is a river both for water tourists and those who seek quiet relaxation. Its shores are covered with magnificent forests and in several places there are excellent recreational places arranged for boaters. The river is peaceful and rich in fish.

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