Country Resort Village offers recreation activities

A wide range of activities in county of Aizpute
Country Resort Village offers recreation activities
Laser Tag club "Plan B". It's a high technologie game, in which, the goal is to neutralize the opponent with the infrared light. You have to neutralize your opponents with lasers that come from a safe source and aren't harmful for your health. Special sensors in the costume receive these signals and you can't compete anymore. There are no painful balls, or messy colours like in Paintball games. This concept makes the game accessible as to men and to women.

There are locker rooms for dressing, toilets and showers for your comfort. And for the extra comfort - three, with water, a grill and electricity equipped arbours for up to 25 people, for spending time, before and after the games. It's possible to rent an arbor without a Laser tag game too.
Wakeboard park "Fun Wave". Kabel wakeboard is a water sport. You ride the surface of the water with a special board. It's suitable for all ages and genders!
For calmer recreation we offer SUP boards where you can train your balance abilities and have a good time doing so!
There are possibilities for a complicated mind and for people who wish to spend time in quiet walks around the trail and enjoy the view and nature.
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