The Jāņkalni Folklore Path

“Jāņkalni” path provides information on the ancestral ornaments, signs, and deities which are our cultural heritage. The educational objective is to acquaint pupils with the customs of ancient Latvians, to he
The Jāņkalni Folklore Path

The path is approximately 1.5 km long. We offer a walk through the map of Latvia – a maze consisting of 19 ethnographic districts. A knowledgeable guide will provide extensive commentary and answer your questions. It is recommended to make advanced bookings for group visits.

It is possible to take part in a fire ritual according to ancestors’ traditions during Līgo day (midsummer) celebrations. Singing, a run in the sunrise, toys and games in the Latvian spirit. Joyful dancing with the accompaniment of live music. Guests of the Midsummer night celebrations – Jāņubērni – gather with bouquets of wild flowers and woven wreaths.

Jāņkalni, Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3290
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