Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre Resumes Excursions

10.06.2020 - 13:04
From June 10, everyone interested is welcome to go on an excursion to Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre. The centre is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea – not far from Ventspils, in Irbene, where the world's 8th largest radio telescope operates and can be seen.
Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre Resumes Excursions
In the former Soviet army town "Zvaigznīte" - a once strictly secret object, which for many years was not visible on any map as a place and which could not even be guessed, was the centre from which the Soviet Union spied on the West. Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre currently operates here and is available to visitors, which during excursions reveals various secrets that have been stored here until the departure of the USSR army from the territory.

   A visit to Irbene radio telescope will provide an insight into many interesting exhibits. The exposition shows the typewriters and staff rooms that were once used, the equipment that was used to operate the telescope.   Currently, the radio telescope parabolic antennae are used for interstellar observations of objects, solar radio observations, as a radar of asteroids and near-Earth artificial objects, including space debris, especially for large base interferometry observations of objects outside the Solar System.   The excursion program includes:   
 ·         Walking in the territory of Irbene around the radio telescope RT - 32;
 ·         Inspection of RT - 8 tower and its expositions on the operation of RT - 32 and RT - 16 during the USSR;
 ·         Inspection of the "old" RT - 16 antenna located next to RT - 8;
 ·         Walking through the underground tunnel.  

 Duration of the excursion ~ 1.5h, in LV, EN and RU languages, only accompanied by a guide by prior appointment. 

 To apply for an excursion, send an e-mail to: or call 29230818 (weekdays only). More information: