Promenade Hotel
Promenade Hotel is the only five-star design hotel outside Riga.
Vecā Ostmala 40, Liepāja, Latvija, LV-3401
+371 63488288; +371 27840020
Hotel and Restaurant "Mare"
The hotel is a place to relax and purify your inner world and live positively. Thematic evenings, live music and entertainment are here held.
Selgas iela 1C, Roja, Talsu novads
+37129169490; +371 28328599
Hotel "Skrundas muiža"
One of the most beautiful classicism manors in Latvia, the architectural pearl of the 19th century – the Skrunda Manor– lies on the picturesque bank of the River Venta.
Pils iela 2, Skrunda, Kuldīgas novads

+37163370000,+371 22113355
Hotel "Roja"
Hotel „Roja” is a family company that welcomes their clients with joy and will make them feel like at home. Here you can truly rest, enjoy the meals and to refresh at the coastal winds.
Jūras iela 6, Roja, Talsu novads

+371 63232226,+371 29477602
Hotel Talsi
Welcome to Talsi a beautiful, small town of Northern Kurzeme , in a picturesque place, next to Vilkumuiza lake. The town is next to a protected nature area Talsu Pauguraine - a teritory of Natura 2000
Kareivju iela 16, Talsi

+371 63232020,+371 26322333
Hotel Virkas Muiža
Classic Baltic manor in the heart of Kurzeme - Kuldīga.
Virkas iela 27, Kuldīga

+371 22060780
Hotel "Jūras brīze"
The hotel "Jūras brīze" („Sea Breeze") is a small and cosy hotel furnished in contemporary style.
Vasarnīcu iela 34, Ventspils 
+371 63622524,+371 29184880;
Usma SPA hotel & camping
Located directly at the shore of Usma Lake, Usma SPA Hotel & Resort features a private beach.
"Priežkalni", Usmas pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 26334500
Hotel "Pilsberģu krogs"
Pilsberģu krogs is located in a quiet and green area, 300 m from the sea shore and offers homely rooms with free Wi-Fi. The property houses a restaurant.
„Pilsberģi", Jūrkalnes pag., Ventspils nov. 
+37127436888; +37129374463
Hotel "Usmas muiža"(Usma manor)
Set in Usma, 2.4 mi from Viewing Tower in Ūdrukalns, the hotel is located right on the beach with a very beautiful view of Usma lake and a place with playgrounds and a walking park.
Rietumi, Usma, Ventspils novads 
+371 29667136
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