Apskatīt galerijuView gallery  Motorsport Exposition in Pastende
The collection is owned by Mr. Alfrēds Zamockis, a motor sports racer and trainer.
"Jaunupnieki", Pastende, Ģibuļu pagasts, Talsu novads
+371 26751108
Padure Manor
Padures manor house is located in Kuldiga’s district, Padure. It is about 5 km from Kuldiga, approximately 50 km from port city Ventspils and around 167 km from Latvia’s capital city, Riga.
Padures muiža, Padure, Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas novads

+371 29640028
Craftsman yard “Kaulini” and Arlavas locomotive
Latvian Crafts Commerse’s craftsman Igurd Bankis workshop “Zelli” introduce you to a woodcarvers work, the offer various wood souvenirs, teach young people carpentry and make furniture.
Lielā iela 27, Valdemārpils, Talsu novads
+371 29430282
The chocolate museum of Pure
Everybody is invited to learn about the story of how the “Pure Chocolate” was made.
Pūre - 9, Pūre, Pūres pagasts, Tukuma novads
+371 22100042
Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja
Gathered information about the most interesting and exciting attractions in the region of Liepaja by the Tourism information center of Liepaja.
Underestimated Affairs Museum
In the permanent exhibition you can see antique radios, paintings, antique houshold items and many other peculiar and valuable things.
 Poligons "Ķīvītes", Grobiņas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 63459091,+371 26420306
Museum of O. Kalpaks
A memorial and a museum were established at the site, where Colonel of the 1st Latvian Independent Battalion, Oskars Kalpaks, and three other officers fell.
"Airītes", Zirņu pagasts, Saldus novads

+371 63830281 ,+371 22017465
Padure barn
Built in the 18th century, the barn is an architectural monument of national importance (number: 6967) with a French roof. It is the only building in Latvia of its kind preserved till nowadays.
Padures klēts, Padure, Padures pagasts, Kuldīgas novads
+371 63348149,+371 29753278
Straw workshop
The first straw workshop in Latvia. Here you can find artworks that have been made with heart and soul, and it can be sensed in all works carefully made of straw by the Rītiņu family – Kristīne, Juris, and Ieva Elizabete
Dārzniecības iela 4A, Tukums

+371 29495746
Personages of the anthem of Liepāja city
The song is frozen in bronze and yet it can be heard.
Kūrmājas prospekts, Liepāja

+371 634 80808 ,+371 29402111
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