Rabbit Manor - Kalvene rabbit
Visit the farm and learn more about rabbit life.
Kalvenes pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 29 721 317
Observatory “Lielzeltiņi”
There is an observatory in Talsi region. And you can visit it!
"Lielzeltiņi", Balgales pagasts, Talsu novads
+371 22082212, +371 24902730
Candied quinches, apples, wild cranberries, pumpkins and rhubarb from own garden – the taste is unforgettable.
Centra aleja 20, Lubezere, Ārlavas pagasts, Talsu novads
+371 27738809
Art Garden “In the middle of nowhere”
isitors are invited to watch various objects of the kinetic art.
"Vijolītes", Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads

+371 29406191
Country Resort Village offers recreation activities
A wide range of activities in county of Aizpute
"Ūdensrozes", Kazdangas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 28332737
Forest park “Priediens”
The park is near place Kaleti, which is famous for its wide range of species of pine trees, oaks and beacons.
Kalēti, Kalētu pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 26423893
Chinchilla breeding kennel “Upeskalni”
The farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first to chinchilla breeding kennels in Latvia. There you can see hundreds of chinchilla, who you can hold, pet and feed.
"Upeskalni", Valdemārpils, Talsu novads
+371 63200437,+371 29154018
Mini ZOO ,,Upeskalni"
Farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first Chinchilla nurseries in Latvia, it is possible to view and pet different colour chinchillas. You can also see Charole meat cows, who live outside all year.
"Upeskalni", Ārlavas pagasts,Talsu novads

+371 63200437,+371 29154018, +371 29168142
Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja
Gathered information about the most interesting and exciting attractions in the region of Liepaja by the Tourism information center of Liepaja.
Active tourism centre ''Curonian Viking settlement''
Curonian Viking settlement offers a great opportunity to explore the life of Curonian Vikings!
 Pīlādžu iela 3, Grobiņa, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 26661194
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