Rabbit Manor - Kalvene rabbit
Visit the farm and learn more about rabbit life.
Kalvenes pagasts, Aizputes novads
+371 29 721 317
The lighthouse of Užava has been included in the list of the national protected cultural monuments and is located about 20 km south from Ventspils.
Adrese: Ventspils novads, Užavas pagasts, Užava
+371 63630573, +371 28341836
Būšnieku lake
Būšnieku lake has become a wonderful place for fans of leisure activity, whose natural beauty now can be enjoyed not only by the swimmers and boaters but also by cyclists, runners, someone who enjoys walks.
Būšnieku ezera laivu bāze
Adrese: Staldzenes iela 70, Ventspils

22000509 (Būšnieku ezera laivu bāze),
Recreation place and mini zoo „Buki”
Camping, guest house and mini zoo. A quiet place near Ventspils, where you can enjoy the peace of countryside.
Buki, Vārves pagasts, Ventspils novads, LV-3623
+371 25120375,+371 25120357
Forest park “Priediens”
The park is near place Kaleti, which is famous for its wide range of species of pine trees, oaks and beacons.
Kalēti, Kalētu pagasts, Priekules novads, LV-3434
+371 26423893
Chinchilla breeding kennel “Upeskalni”
The farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first to chinchilla breeding kennels in Latvia. There you can see hundreds of chinchilla, who you can hold, pet and feed.
"Upeskalni", Valdemārpils, Talsu novads
+371 63200437,+371 29154018
Mini ZOO ,,Upeskalni"
Farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first Chinchilla nurseries in Latvia, it is possible to view and pet different colour chinchillas. You can also see Charole meat cows, who live outside all year.
"Upeskalni", Ārlavas pagasts,Talsu novads

+371 63200437,+371 29154018, +371 29168142
Fun autumn adventures with children in the area of Liepaja
Gathered information about the most interesting and exciting attractions in the region of Liepaja by the Tourism information center of Liepaja.
Activ leisure "Daba laba"
We live in a place where the population density per 1 square km is the smallest in Latvia. We are surrounded by vast forests, with a large density of animals, clean rivers and beautiful forest lakes.
Krastiņi, Ance, Ances pagasts, Ventspils novads
+371 26844295
A marmot breeding farm "Jaunstuči"
A marmot is the biggest ground squirrel, which is particularly famous for its winter sleep and loud hissing.
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