Recreation base "ODS"
Exclusive outdoor recreation places in the forest, right on the banks of the Bārta River with wide recreational opportunities, only 35 km from Liepāja. Open in all year!
"Ods", Bārtas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads
+371 29877399
Camping "Kalēji"
Campsite “Kalēji” (“Blacksmiths") is located on the sea-coast of the Baltic Sea, in Kurzeme area - 25 km away from Liepaja, 5 km away from the heart of Ziemupe. Here with us you can relax on a peaceful and sandy beach.
"Senči", Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 26394460,+371 29141389
Guest house “Ventas rumba”
This guest house lies on the right side of river Venta in front of the rapid, on the romanticly-artsy Martin's Island, which took shape in the time of Duke Jekabs in the middle of the river and dug up kanal.
Ventas rumba jeb "Rumbas" (Mārtiņsalā), Kuldīga

+371 26438250, +371 26377683
Active leisure park "BB wakepark"
“BB wakepark” is an active leisure park based on the Beberlini reservoir in Karosta, Liepaja.
Lībiešu 2/6, Karosta, Liepāja

+371 24339965
Camping and Guest house "Melnsils"
Camping "Melnsils" is located in village Melnsils, Roja district, on the seashore.
Melnsils, Rojas pagasts, Talsu novads

+371 28605606
Camping "Pūķarags"
Pūķarags - a special holiday complex situated along the picturesque Baltic Sea and Pape Nature Park. Due to the scenic location, your stay will be relaxing, exciting and unique.
Pūķarags, Pape, Rucavas pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes novads

+371 28378625
Guest house, camping "Radi"
Offer cozy double rooms with all usual facilities; all indoor rooms are provided with a satellite TV, ensuite or adjoining bathrooms and breakfast is included in the price.
Cieceres pagasts, Saldus novads

+371 29538230
Guest hose, camping "Mazirbes Kalēji"
Sea and beach without crowds. Great rest from the city hustle and bustle.
Kalēji, Mazirbe, Kolkas pagasts, Talsu novads

+371 28829474, +371 29213412
Camping "Sveikuļi"
Complex that offers not only accommodations and sauna but also games in nature – labyrinth, orientation and game “Latvia” .
Sveikuļi, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads
+371 29232026
Holiday home, camping "Ūši"
The Horn of Kolka itself!  The sea right beyond the windows.  Separate flat for visitors with shower and WC in a country home.  Firewood stove in the kitchen.  Lots of room for tents. 
"Ūši", Kolka, Talsu novads

+ 371 29475692, + 371 63276507
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