Lake Būšnieki Nature Trail
The length of the Nature trail is 8 km, and it would take about 3 hours to walk all around it at a normal pace.
8 KM | Velomaršruts'' No Lielā laukuma gar Ventas lokiem''
This roundabout route along the banks of Venta will take you out of and bring back to the city centre.
1 KM | Long cycling route "For families with children"
Welcome to Reņķa Garden in Ventspils!
6 KM | Long cycling route “Getting to know the left bank of the Venta”
Ventspils cycling paths will ride you through the Ostas Street promenade to the Old Town, Ostgals, Vasarnīcu Street, Lielais prospekts, and Central District (Kuldīgas Street).
10 KM | Long cycling route "From the Red Deer to the Southern breakwater’s lighthouse"
Feel the seaside freedom of Ventspils on a cycling route from the Adventure Park, enjoying its attractions and visiting the red deer sculpture at the top of the ski hill, then drive down through a pine forest heading tow
3 KM | Long cycling route "In the surroundings of a pine forest"
The cycling tour starts in the Adventure Park.
Baltic Forest hiking
The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E11, in the Baltic States that leads through the most forested lands, regional, nature and national parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Baltic Coastal Hiking
Baltic Coastal Hiking is a long distance hiking route part of E9 along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The hiking route starts at the Russian-Lithuanian border in the village of Nida in Lithuania and finishes in Tallin.
The Slow Mile – The Robber road
~18km,5-6h As you follow this route you will realise why this section of the Riga Bay is called the Slow Mile, and you will also notice its beautiful pine forests, berry bushes, mushroom picking areas and other values.
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