Holiday Home "Atmatas"
It is called Holiday Home Atmatas (do not confuse with Atmatas in Liepaja city)
"Atmatas", Matkules pagasts, Kandavas novads, LV3132
+371 28349237
Holiday house “Pītagi”
“Pītagi” rests on the county of Dundaga village Kosrags in the National Nature Reserve of Slītere 800m from the coast of The Baltic sea.
"Pītagi", Košrags, Dundagas novads
+371 29372728
Holiday house "Atvari"
3 comfortable cottages by the Lake Durbe. Each cottage has 2 bedrooms, a sauna, a kitchen, a living room with a lake view. A country sauna with a lounge for 15 pers., bedrooms on the 2nd floor. A picnic spot, a terrace,
Atvari pie Durbes ezera, Durbe, Durbes novads
+371 29707927; +371 26160933
Holiday house Bramaņi
6 km from Jaunpils. On the first floor there is a party room, kitchen, sauna, on the second floor there are five double, three and four-bed bedrooms.
Bramaņi,Jaunpils pagasts, Jaunpils novads

+371 26461975
Guest house Amatnieki
Only 3.5 km from Kuldiga, in the village of Mežvalde.
"Amatnieki", Mežvalde, Rumbas pagasts, Kuldīgas novads

+371 29402142, +371 29147792
Holiday home, camping "Ūši"
The Horn of Kolka itself!  The sea right beyond the windows.  Separate flat for visitors with shower and WC in a country home.  Firewood stove in the kitchen.  Lots of room for tents. 
Ūši, Kolka, Dundagas novads, LV-3275

+ 371 29475692, + 371 63276507
Camping "Pāvilosta Marina"
For realists and romantics, amber seekers and budding sailors, students and instructors, travelers and adventurers since May of 2006 lodging is now available on the shore of the Baltic Sea at Pavilosta.
Ostmalas iela 4, Pāvilosta, LV-3466

+371 29409848
Holiday house and small animal zoo "Apsīši"
Visitors are welcome to watch the wild animals and learn more about their lifestyle. The farm has two ponies, cows and sheep.
"Apsīši", Ķūļi, Ķūļciema pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3283

+371 63254404,+371 29421081