Offer of Ventspils Digital Centre Creative Technology Workshops

06.10.2020 - 16:27
At the beginning of the new school year, students have a great opportunity to attend various technology workshops in Ventspils Digital Centre with the entire class, making the learning process more exciting and diverse.
Offer of Ventspils Digital Centre Creative Technology Workshops
The Digital Centre invites you to choose technology workshops as one of the stops for school excursions, as well as to invite the teachers of the Digital Centre to visit you.
Ventspils Digital Centre has prepared ten different technology workshops, but the theme of the workshops can also be adapted to special wishes:
  • Digital printing and design items workshop (90 or 120 minutes): creating stickers, bandana, mug and other item printing (optional);
  • Drawing with 3D pens: creating 3D models;
  • Digital photo and video workshop: use of a variety of videos, photo effects, and image processing in Adobe Photoshop and in other free programs;
  • Robotics workshop: possibility to work with Bee-Bot, Dash, LEGO WeDo, LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Spike; Ozobot, Edison and Sphero bolt robots, according to the age of the students;
  • Computer graphics workshop: creation of various images, animations or applications;
  • Digital art workshop: creation of various digital artworks;
  • 3D computer graphics workshop (from 5th grade): working with various programs, such as TinkerCad, to create 3D models;
  • Electrical circuits and programming workshop: possibility to create controllers with MakeyMakey, create electrical circuits and program using LittleBits magnetic blocks, to create engineering solutions with Micro:bit microcomputers;
  • STEM workshop (for grades 2-4): working with technologies (robots, tablets, programmable devices, etc.) for learning the content of a STEM field, e.g. natural processes, optics, principles of architecture and engineering, regularities of physics, etc .;
  • Minecraft workshop (for grades 3-6): purposeful use of the open world type game Minecraft. Education Edition in creating cross-curricular links between 3D modeling and mathematics, social sciences, natural science, and acquisition of other subject topics, for example, "Life on Mars", creation of urban environment/your own geographical environment, creation of coat of arms, labyrinths, Latvian signs, etc.
Technology workshops in the Digital Centre last two hours or 120 minutes, during which students can participate in two creative workshops. Price for one student - EUR 6.00. It is possible to organize a 1-hour or 60-minute workshop. Its price for 1 student is EUR 3.00. The workshop "Digital printing and design items" lasts 90 minutes (price per student EUR 8.00 EUR) or 120 minutes (price per student EUR 10.00). The teachers of Ventspils Digital Centre will adapt the content of the lessons to the age of the students. You can apply for excursions here:

The Digital Centre encourages the use of technology workshops within the available funding. In order to diversify the learning process and provide students with the opportunity to learn various interesting learning topics outside the school premises, funding for learning excursions is available to educational institutions within the European Social Fund project "Support for the Development of Learners' Individual Competencies" and the "Latvian School Bag" program.

The workshops are offered both on site at Akmeņu Street 3, Ventspils, and off-site. All workshops require prior registration. To apply or receive additional information, please contact Ventspils Digital Centre program manager Guna Stepiņa by phone: 28632351 or by e-mail: All information about Technology Workshops is available here: