Visit Ventspils with your dog to participate in the photo contest “Vau, Ventspils ķepas!”

19.04.2021 - 08:42
Quoting the title of the famous novel “Human Needs a Dog” by Regīna Ezera, it can surely be said that a dog has been the man's best friend and family member for centuries.
Visit Ventspils with your dog to participate in the photo contest “Vau, Ventspils ķepas!”
Ventspils Tourism Centre (TIC) has compiled information on activities and places that can be visited with your dog, when going to Ventspils with your pawed friend. This spring, also a photo contest "Woof, Ventspils paws!" is announced for dogs and their owners.

The active tourism season approaching, TIC offers summarised information about dog-friendly activities and places in Ventspils, which will be useful both for local residents, and city guests, who plan to take their pawed friends with them, when visiting Ventspils.


Ventspils offers extensive opportunities for walks not only for local residents and guests, but also for their four-legged friends - dogs. To take a deep breath of the fresh sea air and enjoy the sea, dog owners are welcome together with their pets to visit the accordingly fitted part of the beach, located at Saulrieta Street, taking the 10th access route to the sea, which involves a long wooden plank with installed special dog excrement collection bin at the beginning of the route, next to information stands. This beach has already become popular among many dog owners, as several dozens of the pawed friends visit this beach every day.   Running and playing activities are offered also at dog walking areas - Reņka Garden, Bridge Garden, Swedish Rampart, Sarkanmuižas Dam, near Pārventa Forest Park, at the centre of Pārventa, as well as at Saules Street 110A, Brīvības Street 27A and Rindas Street 33, and many other places. If you wish to spend time in nature, you can also have a walk with your pet at the Lake Būšnieki Nature Trail, observing the instruction that the dog has to be kept on a leash.   The convenience of dog owners is considered a lot in the city; therefore, dog excrement collection bins are installed in many different places throughout the city. 
Dog hotel   

If dog owners need to leave their pet for some time, when going on a longer travel or business trip, this problem is sorted out in Ventspils! There is a dog hotel at Robežu Street 98, managed by a professional cynologist Sarmīte Šlisere. The hotel offers comfortable and pleasant living conditions for dogs - walks in a spacious yard or forest, a meal and fresh drinking water, living in comfortable home conditions without cages and, if necessary, also healthcare of the dog is provided.   

Attending of public places   

Although currently restrictions for attending of public places are introduced in the country, a positive view to the future and information on which public places, catering institutions and accommodation places to visit together with your pet when the situation changes will surely be useful while planning your trip! In Ventspils with your dog.   

Photo contest "Vau, Ventspils ķepas!" 

This spring, Ventspils TIC wants to please one dog owner and his or her four-legged friend, providing a chance to participate in the photo contest "Woof, Ventspils paws!" and offering to win a 50 EUR gift card for a photo session together with the pet, choosing any photographer in Ventspils in the section Photographers on the website   
The photo contest will take place from 17 April until 7 June, and all dog owners are invited to take a part, sending a photo with their pets at any tourist attraction in Ventspils until 31 May. Each participant is allowed to submit up to 3 photos according to the specified topic, sending an e-mail to with an indication - for the photo contest "Vau, Ventspils ķepas!" , attaching own contact information. All submitted photos will be posted on VisitVentspils Facebook page in the contest photo gallery, where voting will take place.  

The contest winner will be determined by visitors of Facebook page voting for the submitted photos by pressing "like" button. 

The voting on VisitVentspils Facebook page will continue from 31 May until 7 June (including) of this year.   

By submitting photos for the photo contest, the authors of photos agree that the submitted photos can be published on social network accounts of Ventspils city and on the municipal portal   When publishing photos with your pets on social networks, you can still use the hashtag #ventspilsķepas!