An exhibition – tribute to photobook “Ventspils 700+30” – is opened

23.04.2021 - 11:57
An exhibition launched as a tribute to the recently published photobook “Ventspils 700+30” will be opened from 23 April for Ventspils residents and guests of the city at Concert Hall “Latvija” behind the glass façade in the café area.
An exhibition – tribute to photobook “Ventspils 700+30” – is opened
Concert Hall "Latvija" is the first stop of the touring exhibition. It will be opened later at Ventspils Library and in other places of the city.
"Ventspils is growing and stretching and every five years happily accounts the witnesses of its growth - new buildings, companies, restaurants and reconstructed sites, kilometres of bikeways and well-equipped urban areas. All this can be collected in a book, be more exact - in an entire series of photo albums known as "700+" replenished now by the fifth and the thickest edition "Ventspils 700+30". The touring exhibition "Photo album: "Ventspils 700+30" made of the album part "Heritage and Future" acquaints the younger generation of Ventspils with the legacies of the past, while older residents of the city can familiarise themselves with the future of Ventspils", book creators told. 

The photobook "Ventspils 700+30" will go on sale on 26 April, and any person may buy it both in bookstores and other sales points.