Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen to give solo concert in Ventspils

21.11.2021 - 09:45
On Sunday, 5 December, the eccentric Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen who always challenges himself and his spectators will perform at the concert hall Latvija in Ventpils.
Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen to give solo concert in Ventspils
Although often referred to as "possibly the world's most fearless" accordionist for the sake of publicity, and using other strong expressions, it is undeniable that Kimmo Pohjonen has challenged the boundaries of the accordion as an instrument and its playing, does it all the time and shows no sign of ever running out of ideas. The artist mostly plays on a specially designed instrument, which is supplemented with various effects. His compositions are dynamic, rich in new, bold and inspiring sounds. In his performances, Kimmo Pohjonen masterfully combines accordion, string instruments, vocals and visual effects to offer his audience a unique and unforgettable experience.

Kimmo Pohjonen has participated in different musical projects throughout his career, won prestigious awards and nominations. The musician has received two Accordionist of the Year Awards from the Finnish jazz publication Jazz Rytmit, and nominations for BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards and Planet Awards. The artist has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and at countless festivals. After several concert visits, Pohjonen is well-known and popular with the audience in Latvia.

"Kimmo Pohjonen is a very special musician who played traditional accordion for 20 years in the spirit of folk and classical music, then (at the age of 38) he realised that something had to be done differently and he discovered a new sound, a new accordion idea and a new creative life, becoming a Scandinavian god of the accordion - muscular, wild, a combination of ancient archetypes and modern technologies," said Ilmārs Šlāpins, publicist, describing the musician in a review of a previously released album in the magazine Rīgas Laiks.

 In his latest solo project, Uzone, the artist explores the unknown by turning the accordion into an electronic device that, in addition to a real-time layered soundscape, can create both an image and a light score. 

"The desire to transform the sound of the accordion and the search for new colours has been an important source of inspiration both in composition and performance for the last thirty years. My previous solo project focused on sound 'looping', i.e. recording and playing music in real time with multiple layers. With UZone, I am looking for something new in the instrument. My aim is to show the accordion as an electronic device that can create all kinds of textures. Melody, harmony and rhythm are created during live performance, as synthesizers are controlled, and sound effects are created at the same time. During the performance, the instrument also manipulates and controls the visual elements. But the best thing in the UZone process is the feeling of being on top of something completely new and unexplored," says Kimmo Pohjonen about his current project.

Tickets for Kimmo Pohjonen's concert on 5 December at 5.00 p.m. at the concert hall Latvija, Ventspils, are available in the Biļešu Paradīze sales network.

The event is intended for vaccinated persons or persons post-Covid-19 with an interoperable Covid-19 certificate and an identification document. Children aged 12 years or older must present a Covid-19 vaccination, re-vaccination or test certificate, or a laboratory certificate of a negative screening test performed within the last 72 hours performed in the framework of their study process.   

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