Lighting of the festive Christmas decorations

24.11.2021 - 08:25
On 27 November, with the onset of dusk, festive Christmas decorations will illuminate the city.
 Lighting of the festive Christmas decorations
The city streets and squares will light up in thousands of Christmas lights, and a total of nine Christmas trees are to be set up in the city. As of 17:00 until the late evening, a theatrical installation of winter lights with sound effects "Merry Dwarf Christmas" for families with children is to be set up on the square Lielais laukums.

This year, in addition to other Christmas decorations in the city, the "Largest Christmas Piano" to be played by the Dwarf Sweet Hat is to be inaugurated on the square Lielais laukums. Right beside the central Christmas tree, in a transparent hut - bakery, the Dwarf will bake cookies, using a recipe passed down for generations. In the meantime, the humorous "Dwarf Radio" will entertain everyone present, reminding that Christmas is just around the corner and there is a child in all of us who wants to believe in a miracle. 

In order to enjoy the best festive mood in the city streets, the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre invites you to take a walk following the route called "Ventspils in Christmas Lights". The printed version of the guide of walking routes will be available also on Saturday, 27 November, on the square Lielais laukums beside the Dwarf House.

We kindly ask you to be responsible and to comply with the restrictions and recommendations established to control the spread of Covid-19.