Enjoy the Festive story in Liepāja

05.12.2023 - 10:41
As December embrace Liepāja, the city comes alive with a symphony of cultural events, from the melodies of Christmas tunes to the vibrant energy of markets, theatre performances, children’s parties, and a sparkling New Year celebration right in the heart of the city.
Enjoy the Festive story in Liepāja
The streets will shine with festive decorations, casting a magical glow in various corners of the city. Amidst the familiar favorites cherished by locals-the airplane in J. Čakste Square, the air-balloon in front of Liepāja University, and the Advent wreath in Rose Square - a new chapter unfolds. This year, the newly built Kārlis Zāle Square will twinkle with its own festive charm, joining the lineup of iconic locations. alongside the outdoor installation titled "Bethlehem Story" in Kurzeme Square.

An Extravaganza for Theatre Enthusiasts and Art Aficionados

For those with a penchant for the dramatic and a taste for cultural delights, Liepāja Theatre has curated a diverse repertoire to cater to all preferences this December. Dive into the world of director Elmārs Seņkovs with the gripping horror tale "Grimmi" and the mesmerizing mythical play "The Greeks," offering an immersive experience for admirers of Seņkovs' distinctive work.Families, get ready for a musical treat with "Mariachi Christmas," a lively performance that promises extra fun for our little culture enthusiasts. From December 16 onwards, Liepāja Theatre will enchant audiences with a traditional holiday concert marathon. Don't miss "Homecoming," a symbolic musical setting of an extraordinary journey to Christmas, performed exclusively until December 30. Art aficionados, explore the "Figurative Art. 21st Century. Dolls" exhibition at the Roman Garden Gallery. Marvel at original works donated by former participants of European professional puppetry festivals, accompanied by a photo gallery of figurative sculptures from artists worldwide. This exhibition marks the beginning of a series filling the halls of the Gallery's Museum of Puppetry Art and Design until the year-end, celebrating the museum's first birthday in Liepāja.Venture to the Parka Pavilions at 3 Miķeļa Valtera Street for an exhibition of miniatures by Liepāja-born painter Līga Ķempe. Having spent the summer at the Karosta Water Supply Tower artist residency, she presents at the Pavilion some of the works created during the residency.

Diverse Musical Delights Await Each of Us

The Great Amber Concert Hall is also set to enchant audiences with a rich tapestry of musical events catering to a variety of tastes this December. On December 9, young and old alike are invited to embark on an exciting musical adventure with "Muš(-ūž)īgais lidojums". This children's opera unfolds the tale of a curious local Liepāja fly, who discovers that the average lifespan of a fly is only 28 days, so she yearns for more and sets out on a quest to defy the ordinary and achieve eternal life.On December 16, experience the magic of the world-renowned London Gospel Choir on the Great Amber's Stage. A fixture among the world's best professional choirs, this ensemble has captivated audiences for decades, earning accolades even on Britain's Got Talent. On December 28, 29, and 30, don't miss the grand finale of the year with the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra New Year's Eve concerts under the baton of principal conductor Guntis Kuzma, that promise a dazzling showcase of Spanish compositions' fiery and sparkling notes from the golden repertoire of French composers Maurice Ravel and Georges Bizet, accompanied by the vocals of Latvian singer Marlēna Keine and the violin performances of Ukrainian virtuoso Dmitro Tkachenko.

Christmas Carol Cheers

As Liepāja's main Christmas tree illuminates on December 1, the city transforms into a dazzling spectacle of colorful lights and decorations. Join us in the heartwarming celebrations that promise to conjure up the true spirit of Christmas. On December 17, the Liepāja Latvian Society House invites children to a magical Christmas party. The travelling puppet theatre, "Maska," will entertain with a magnificent performance featuring beloved fairy tale characters like Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and the playful Doggy. Fun games, laughter, and the chance to meet Santa Claus himself await under the big festive tree.You won't miss the carols either! Experience the enchantment of the Christmas Crafts and Home Producers Market on December 22 and 23 at Liepāja Rose Square. Discover a showcase of handmade treasures and lovingly produced organic farm goods from Latvia's remotest regions. Find everything you need for your festive table and unique gifts, all in one place.Liepāja Folk Art and Culture Centre welcomes all to the heartwarming Concerts at Liepāja Churches. On December 10, join the gracious tradition at the Liepāja Baptist St Paul's Church for the "Tuvu, tuvu, tepat..." winter charity concert at 16:00.Delight in the sounds of the season at the Liepāja St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral on December 23 at 15:00 attending the "Christmas Rose" Concert.  The Liepāja Folk Art and Culture Centre mixed choir "INTIS," led by conductor Ilze Valce and choirmaster Emīls Sudmalis, will be joined by the guest ensemble from France, the Paris Latvian mixed choir "Latve," conducted by Ināra Braže.

Let's welcome 2024 together at Rose Square!

Join us in the heart of the city, Rose Square, to bid farewell to the past year and usher in 2024 with a burst of energy and vibrant festivities. On the eve of the New Year, be captivated by the dynamic and expressive performance of the instrumental group "Dagamba". As the clock strikes midnight and the New Year unfolds, tune in to the melodic sounds of "Sudden Lights", creating a spectacular atmosphere to welcome the dawn of 2024 with renewed ideas and strength.Experience the magic of the New Year with a breathtaking gala featuring confetti showers, a kaleidoscope of colorful stage lights, and powerful music.Since the outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine the municipality of Liepāja is particularly committed to safety and wellbeing of our community, we can collectively contribute to a positive and secure atmosphere during our festivities. Your understanding and cooperation are immensely appreciated, ensuring that the spirit of celebration remains uplifting and safe for all. Thus, we have chosen not to include fireworks in our New Year's celebration. We kindly urge residents and guests of Liepāja to prioritize their safety and that of others. Let's cherish the festivities without the use of firecrackers or any other explosive devices that may pose risks to health and life.See all events together on events.liepaja.lv

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