Friday Evening Walk in Ventspils: "TOY(is)PLAY”

20.05.2024 - 11:19
On the evening of Friday, May 24, we will go for our traditional evening walk to participate in events centered around the theme “TOY(is)PLAY.” Along the route from the Great Square to the Old Town Market Square, there will be activities for audiences of all ages. While play is most often associated with the way children explore the world, Friday evening in the city's streets, squares, parks, and courtyards will be engaging for both young people and adults as well.
Friday Evening Walk in Ventspils:  "TOY(is)PLAY”
Friday Evening Walk: Toy "is"Play

Old Town Market Square 18:30-02:00 EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN THING
In the market square, activities and toys for adults - motorcycles, vehicles, arm wrestling, weight lifting. Markets and cafes will be open, offering food and refreshments. On stage, young musicians will meet experienced rock legends.
20:00-21:00 Vocal-instrumental group "Homeopāti LV"
21:00-22:00 Ventspils' young musicians group "Bukte"
22:00-24:00 Fēlikss Ķiģelis with band
00:00-02:00 DJ Aivis

House of Crafts /Skolas Street 3/
18:00-21:00 In the exhibition hall of the Crafts House, the photo club "Moments" celebrates its 10th anniversary with the exhibition "Interpretation." In the courtyard, activities focused on photography.

Town Hall Square 18:30-20:20 BEARS, CUBS, AND THEIR GAMES
Ethnographic elements, games, and rituals, featuring the Ventspils Men's Choir group and the Ventspils Music High School choir "Nošu spēles." Rituals will be led by Julgī Stalte and Ēriks Zeps.

Digital Center Courtyard 18:00-21:00 VOICE TALK /Akmeņu Street 3/
Ventspils Digital Center invites participation in an interesting activity, becoming part of the "Balsu talka" ("Voice Talk") project for the future of the Latvian language. The goal is to preserve the Latvian language and ensure its availability in technological development.

Annas Street 18:20-19:00 GRANNIES ON A WALK
A musical performance by energetic grannies. During the concert, some might notice a resemblance to the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Homeopāti LV." But that's just a possibility.

Annas Street Courtyard /Annas street 11/ 20:00-02:00 GAMES WITH SOUND AND SILENCE
In the courtyard concert, beautiful musical melancholy will intertwine with improvisational art. As the evening darkens, for the first time in Ventspils, a silent disco, where attendees can choose from music played by three different DJs, heard through headphones.
20:20-21:00 Emīlija Jermola with the program "Gaidu tevi mājās"
21:00-22:30 Ventspils Music High School youth "Jam session"
23:00-02:00 "Silent Disco"

Youth House /Kuldīgas iela 13/

18:00-21:00 Experience the evening with various large-scale games, laughter, fun, excitement, and friendly competition. Who is ready to roll the dice and create memories?

Ventspils Baptist Church 21:00-22:15 ABOUT THE THING
In the spiritual music concert created by the Ventspils Baptist Congregation, everyone will have the opportunity to listen, enjoy, contemplate, and reflect on the meaning of life or "About the Thing." The concert will feature the Liepāja Horn Quartet, pianist Liene Circene, Ventspils Music High School Conducting Department and Choir class students, Ventspils Baptist Congregation choir and musicians, children's and bell ensemble. Artistic director of the concert is Rudīte Tālberga. The concert will support the "Planet of Hope" camp, which has been running for 15 years. Children with special needs participate in the camp for a week, experiencing joy and a little respite from everyday life. Let's fill our hearts with joy and love.

Green House /Ganību iela 2-3/
From 20:00, various goods market. 
At 22:00, Australian-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, producer, and performer Laila Sakini, with DJ Siram providing the dance music until 03:00.

Mill Square 18:00-21:00 FASHION AND GAMES /Lielā Dzirnavu Street 10/
Throughout the evening, workshops for children and craftsmen's market will be operating in Mill Square.
18:00-19:00 Non-traditional fashion show by art schools of the Kurzeme region, featuring students from Ventspils, Aizpute, Pāvilosta, and Ugāle with their created collections.
19:00-19:30 Vairis Nartišs with the stand-up show "Pūt un palaid" The show is created with both lively instrumental pieces and longer musical stories. These are like adventures and funny life stories, wrapping the content in an instrumental and lively performance.
19:30-21:00 Games and dances with the folklore group "Laipa" and youth dance group "Strautuguns.

"Cafe/bar "Olē" /Ganību iela 14/
From 19:00-20:00, singer Katrīna Bindere will perform. 
From midnight until dawn, DJ Jānis Krevitz will perform.

Pizzeria "Dzintarjūra" /Ganību iela 26/ 18:00-23:00 LIGHT UP THE FRIDAY
There will be various activities for children and adults. Joy of life and art, a storytelling corner, creative activities, and music.

Concert Hall "Latvia" Amphitheater 18:00-21:30 INSTRUMENTALISTS' MEETING /Lielais Laukums 1/
Concert of instrumental and vocal-instrumental ensembles of Ventspils Culture Center, interspersed with modern dance performances by "Prieks," "Deguntiņš uz augšu," "Scorpions," and "DANCE COMPANY" dancers. Preschool-aged children will have the opportunity to participate in workshops of Ventspils Technical Creativity House. Meanwhile, for the youth, mobile game ground. The evening will end with Vairis Nartišs's musical performance "Pūt un priecājies," where various wind instruments interact with toys. Throughout the evening, the "Latvia" concert hall and the "Jūras vārti" theater house will have a ticket sales promotion "The Thing is in the Ticket!"