Present a Liepāja!

26.05.2020 - 10:40
Liepāja Gift card is an exciting gift for making a great leisure in Liepāja.
Present a Liepāja!
There are an opportunity to buy a Liepāja Gift Card in the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office - the card is an exciting gift for making a great leisure in Liepāja. 
Liepāja Gift Cards are available in four different denomination values - 5, 10, 20 and 50 €, and are available for use in various recreational places in Liepāja - in accommodation facilities, in restaurants and cafes, in the theatre, in the active recreation centres, in the SPA and other places. You may learn more information about the usage of Liepāja Gift Cards at, also the list of places will be attached to the Gift Card, so its owner could easily plan their leisure options in Liepāja.The Liepāja Gift Card is an excellent way to offer an entertaining and fun pastime for both Liepāja residents and city guests together with their families and friends.  
Liepāja Gift Card you can use:
  • Liepāja region tourism information office, Rožu square 5/6
  • LOC Pool&SPA, Brīvības street 39
  • Liepāja Theater, Teātra street 4,
  • 5 star hotel "Promenade hotel" and its SPA and  Gym, Vecā ostmala 40
  • Hotel "Europa City Amrita hotel", Rīgas street 7/9
  • Hotel "Kolumbs", Kuršu street 32
  • Hotel "Superior Class hotel Līva", Lielā street 11
  • Hotel "Royal Hotel Liepāja", Stūrmaņu street 1
  • Hotel "Sport Hotel", Dzērves street 9
  • Recreation complex "Libava", Vecā ostmalā 29
  • Restaurant "Libava", Vecā ostmala 29
  • Restaurant "Piano", Vecā ostmalā 40
  • Restaurant "Oskars", Rīgas street 5/7
  • Bar "Bruno", Rīgas street 5/7
  • Resturant "Kolumbs", Kuršu street 32
  • Restaurant "Upe", Lielā street 11
  • Restaurant "Barons", mall "Kurzeme", Lielā street 13
  • Restaurant "Olive", mall "Baata", Klaipēdas street 104c
  • Restaurant - pizzeria "Čili Pizza", mall "Rietumu centrs"
  • Restaurant - pizzeria "Čili Pizza", mall "XL Sala", Klaipēdas street 62
  • Restaurant "Palmas", Palmu street 5
  • Restorant "Roma", Roma Garden, Zivju street 3
  • Cafe and wine bar „Čello", concert hall "The Great Amber" Radio street 8
  • Cafe "Red Sun Buffet" Pasta street 2
  • Cafe "Upe~le", mall "Kurzeme", Lielā street 13
  • Cafe „Lotte caffe", LOC Olympic centre, Brīvības street 39
  • Cafe „Lotte caffe", mall „Ostmala", K. Zāles square 8
  • Beach cafe "Cukurfabrik'",  Central beach
  • Beach café and bar "Red Sun Buffet" , Central beach
  • Karosta prison, Invalīdu street 4
  • Adventure park "Liepājas Tarzāns", active leisure park "Beberliņi", Lībiešu street 2/6
  • Electro karting hall "Blue Shock Race", Vecā ostmala 22
  • Archery range  "Archery Liepāja 3D", open-air - Ezermalas stree 3a, inside - Brīvības street 117;
  • Pneumatic shooting gallery "Lodīte", Graudu street 43-16a
  • Quest house "Kambaris", Lielā street 8
  • WindCut Barber shop, Fr.Brīvzemnieka street 27a
  • LOC Ice Hall (after ice field reconstruction), Brīvības street 3/7
The number of gift card usage places will increase regularly, so please keep track of this list at